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Meeting tables & conference tables (B2B)

A meeting table or a conference table as they are also called, has great significance for the local, the atmosphere and the environment around the table. A cold and black steel / MDF table does not invite dialogue or agreements – a plank table does in return. Read more below.


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satisfaction Guarantee

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A meeting table or conference table?

At Kærbygård carpentry, we love making carpentry plank tables to be used for conference table or meeting table. This is mainly due to the fact that the needs of a company for a meeting table are usually BIGGER than in private homes. Often we can be allowed to make some of the most %22picky%22 tables where the detail is really allowed to come out and the size of the table can easily become more 12-20 people. Thus, the meeting table becomes a very important role in the room, both because it fills a lot, but also because it sets a mood and tone for the meeting and the social atmosphere in the room.

A meeting table or conference table can help to support the company’s history, or the culture that is around the %22table%22.

We also know that only the best is good enough. It is often around the conference table that the important decisions are made and the heaviest signatures are signed.

Our skilled cabinetmakers take care of every single piece of furniture at Kærbygård , and ensure that you and your company find the perfect solution for your needs. Everything is made by hand and no detail is too small to be adjusted. This often results in new and different solutions, where the individual company is taken into account. Furniture for business must be both functional and aesthetic, which is why the quality is top notch – and attention is paid to even the smallest details.

Based on the plank table

Our meeting tables and conference tables are very similar to our regular plank tables. The difference is of course in size and any outlets or %22special%22 solutions that make sense in business contexts. You will still have the option to choose width, length and height, table legs and surface and color treatments.

If you would like to see more we can recommend the gallery below, or see plank tables on our front page or read more under our long tables .

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Dialogue and %22meetings%22

Finding the right solution also requires dialogue. We take care of your wishes, but make sure to keep an open and honest dialogue ongoing in the process. We are not afraid to advise if we think it can make the end product even better.
– Many companies also have their own interior designers or other relevant partners, with whom we are happy to collaborate when the right solutions are to be found. We also have the option of involving our own interior designers or other specialists as needed, if desired.

CSR and a sustainable profile

At Kærbygård , we care a lot about sustainability and the environment. Among other things, we use minimal packaging, plant the same amount of trees as we cut down, and manufacture all our furniture locally in Odense, rather than transporting them around the world.

At Kærbygård , we as both people and companies are very aware of our nature – and we are sure that you and your company are too. That is why we have a strong focus on sustainability – and take this into account in all processes.

See all our tables and calculate a price for it plank tables , long table or round table which suits your business.

Get inspired for a large and delicious meeting table or conference table in our gallery below.

Meeting table in 1-5 planks:

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What is a meeting table?

A meeting table is – as the name suggests – a table used to gather people and hold meetings of various kinds. The meeting table is usually based on our long table. However, this does not mean that you can only get a long table in very long models. Many people choose to buy a long table in wood in the size that suits the needs of everyday life and fits perfectly in the room in terms of size.

The process: from wood to meeting table

The process starts by going out into the woods and choosing the most promising trees. Then the selected elm trees, oak trees or walnut trees are felled, and before they become a table top, they are run through a thorough drying process – first outside, then in the drying oven. This process is done to ensure that the table does not split when it acclimatizes to your home.

Only the best or most special planks are selected to become table tops. Here you can participate in the selection of the planks we need for your specific meeting table. Our planks all have different expressions, so all long tables from Kærbygård are completely unique.


When the need for a longer table arises in connection with many guests or the like, additional plates can be fitted. We make several different solutions within additional plates, so it is possible to find the solution that appeals to you the most. Typically, we choose a dark or black through-colored MDF or make the additional boards in the same carving wood, which is selected for the plank table.

With additional plates, you therefore have the opportunity to have a wooden plank table for everyday use – and at the same time a long table that can be extended when the need for many seats arises. Our additional plates are as standard 50 cm per piece. which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

Meeting table FAQ

What does a meeting table cost?

A meeting table can cost anywhere between 10,000-100,000 DKK, but is usually around 25,000-40,000 DKK. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, or 3 pieces, choice of length and width and the table legs. We make meeting tables exactly according to our customers’ wishes to order, so that the price is reflected in the customer’s choice.

What is a meeting table?

A meeting table is, as the saying goes, a table for meetings.

What does a conference table weigh?

A meeting table can easily weigh +100 kg or more. That is why we are always responsible for delivery, handling and installation at the customer’s address, so that everything runs flawlessly and no damage is done to the table.

What size can meeting tables be made in?

All sizes you decide. At Kærbygård design your own meeting table, and can therefore get the size, type of wood and treatment you want.

Conference tables are made of the best wood

At Kærbygård , we are responsible for the entire process when we have to make a plank table. It gives us full control right from felling the right wood, gentle transport, cutting the planks and subsequent air drying and final oven drying.

We have full control over the finishing planer – and not least – the finishing in the form of sanding and surface treatment, which gives the unique finish that highlights the veins and ensures a table that can withstand being used for decades – and will still appear beautiful.

The fact that we are responsible for the entire process helps to ensure the high quality.

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