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In Odense, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Hamburg

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In Odense, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Hamburg

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- Fyns cabinet making

Kaerbygaard is love for wood as the amazing natural material it is. When you decorate your home with wooden furniture, you invite nature inside and create an atmosphere of life, warmth, naturalness and sustainability.



Love of wood


Specialists in plank tables and carpentry furniture

At Kaerbygaard we specialize in carpentry. We can make everything from plank dining tables, shelving, staircases to wine cellars - the only limit is your imagination.

Our family has been in Kaerbygaard since 1748, and we have made many different quality products over the years - everything from horses to canes. Today, we have a farm and carpentry. In the joinery, we have chosen to handle all processes ourselves.

We select the trees ourselves from the forests of Funen and saw them into planks. Then the long drying process begins - first in the open air and then in a drying oven.
When the wood is ready, it is acclimatised in our workshop before the carpenters have the pleasure of working with it. In the joinery we have many skills to cover as wide a range as possible.

We take pride in finding the perfect tree for each piece of furniture, so that the long life and history of the tree comes into its own, in the form of beautiful structure and clear veins.

Wood is a natural material and no two trees are the same. So you get a beautiful piece of furniture that has its own personality and only gets more beautiful as the years go by.

Home gazelle the focal point of the house

Plank table;

The focal point of the house

If you're looking for a plank table on Funen, you've come to the right place. Because when you choose a Kaerbygaard plank table, you don't just get a wooden table. You get a table that becomes the focal point of your home.

We've paid attention to detail, made sure the personality of the wood really comes through, and you can trust that the wood is stored and cut in exactly the right conditions so it doesn't warp, warp or crack.

More options in wood;

oak, walnut and elm wood

Most people will typically choose a oak tablebecause it's so beautifully Danish. We work mostly in Danish woods, and very much in oak, and we grow our own oak forest for the purpose. If you want something more "exotic" we also have some fantastic walnut and Danish elm wood.

Like some of the few in Denmark, we can also make beautiful tables inelm woodbecause we have been lucky enough to get our hands on a stockpile of elm wood, from before the elmesy went into the Danish trees.

Last but not least, we also make tables inwalnut. Primarily American walnut, but also Danish and European. We also manufacture and sell table legs for plank table if, for example, you have an older table that needs new life or new expression. Then a new pair of legs can quickly give a whole new table.

Plank tables mm finished 59 scaled - kaerbygaard plank table Kaerbygaard 2020 carpentry - wooden table

We use wood from our own forest for our wooden tables and plank tables

At Kaerbygaard we have our own forest, and if you order an oak plank table - well, there's a good chance that it comes from the farm's woodlands. And if it doesn't come from our own land, it will come from other local forests on Funen.

However, we are realistic and know that certain foreign woods have a very special expression and game, which cannot be recreated with oils or other coatings. Therefore, we also offer to import special wood so that your table gets exactly the look you want it to have.

Kibæk family

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We go to great lengths to make exactly the furniture you dream of

While we're constantly looking to develop new ideas for quality wood furniture, we're also open to working with you on your wishes and needs. We take pleasure in developing unique furniture where design and good carpentry go hand in hand.

That's why we also like to work with interior architects or designers to

deliver exactly the furniture you dream of. We focus on the detail, the good raw material and the exclusive look, while guaranteeing quality in our work. Our staff includes furniture, machine and building carpenters, and their combined skills mean we can tackle any carpentry job imaginable.

Help design;


What sets us apart from other furniture manufacturers is that we like to involve our customers in the creation process, so they get the furniture of their dreams. So when you order a plank table from Kaerbygaard, you decide how you want your table to look.

You choose your own wood, table legs, surface treatment, etc.m., and you can even identify which planks you want for your table. If you need advice, we are happy to provide our expertise so that you can have a table that suits your needs and wishes.

Kaerbygaard manages the entire process

At Kaerbygaard , we oversee the entire production process from start to finish. We do this partly because we are passionate about carpentry and furniture making, and partly because the production of quality furniture requires quality assurance and supervision. That's why you'll find us in the forest, where we choose which trees to cut down, as well as in the joinery, where we process the wood with our own hands.



We love visitors. The first step in the process is therefore to book an appointment. Then you're sure to get the right guidance.


In our showroom, we'll help you choose the type of wood, look (clean or rustic), oil finish, legs, dimensions and size, edges and additional tops.


Once we agree on the price and the right combination of wood, oil and bone, you agree by paying a 10% deposit.

Next, we set about finding the perfect tree for you. We'll send you photos for you to approve, to make sure the tree has the look you want.


Once you've approved the planks we've sent you photos of or which have been shown in the carpentry shop, our carpenter will get to work. You'll also get an estimated delivery date here.


Our furniture is delivered and assembled at your place. We coordinate the delivery with you and the wishes for assembly. Typically, we will send a delivery date and timeframe for you to accept or decline.


Over time, as the plank table is used, it may need an oil treatment. We recommend oiling the table twice a year - or as needed. We supply an oil with the table for you to use. Of course, we'll also help if any questions arise.

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Plank table Kaerbygård 2021 20210428 132718 scaled

Find our exhibition of plank tables and other carpentry furniture in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense

If you want to buy a plank table, we recommend that you visit one of our showrooms in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense. Here you can get close to our tables and see and feel the quality with your own eyes and hands. You can also see a selection of our standard models, which are only a foretaste of what we are capable of producing.

If you drop by our showroom in Odense, you can also visit our joinery workshop, which is right next door. Here you can see with your own eyes how our skilled joiners and craftsmen turn massive planks into beautiful furniture.

And do you order a plank table from us, you are welcome to continuously stop by the workshop and see how your table takes shape. We look forward to seeing you in the showroom!

FAQ on plank table

How much is a plank table?

At Kaerbygaard we make plank tables according to the customer's wishes. This means that a plank table can easily cost between 8,000-35,000 DKK, depending on the choice of wood, size, legs and treatment. Typically, however, our tables are around 15,000-24,000 DKK in oak and 3 meters in length.

What weighs a plank table?

A plank table can take many sizes and colors. The average plank table from Kaerbygaard typically weighs 80-100 kg. That's why delivery, assembly and handling by our carpenters is always included when you order a plank table from Kaerbygaard.

What size can the plank table be made in?

One plank table can be made in all imaginable sizes both as sofa tables, round tables, rectangular tables and many more.

How to take care of a plank table?

Maintaining high-quality plank tables is generally easy. Solid wood often just needs to be treated with the right oil, so it requires no other maintenance. However, it varies from table to table and how it is used on a daily basis.

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The Kibæk family from Kaerbygaard is available. Send your question or request for a quote here and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

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