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Wooden coffee table

We have the option of making a coffee table that matches the plank dining table or other of your wooden furniture.



Generations on the farm



Generations on the farm


Vin reol

Kitchen table top

Chair & bar stool



Coffee tables must also be made of planks

It is not only the dining table that is entitled to be made of beautiful and solid oak – the coffee table can also be made of the same good wood. Hereby you get the same benefits; to be able to determine size, design and finishing according to own wishes.

If you order a wooden coffee table at Kærbygård at the same time as one plank dining table , we can offer to make the coffee table of the same stem, so you are sure that both tables have the same shade. It gives a very special interplay between the tables – especially if they are to be in the same room.

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Wooden furniture

Get wooden furniture that lasts for generations. Kærbygård Snedkeri is your Kærbygård You see wooden furniture and get inspired in the gallery . You are also welcome to look at our beautiful oak sideboards which is a wooden piece of furniture at its very best.

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Premium wood

Take a look at our selection and see what we can do. If you do not find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us so that we can find a good solution together. Read more about the quality and the wood here.

Get a piece of furniture in good wood that stands out; look, for example, at our round tables and our oak sideboards.

Shape and colors

A plank coffee table does not necessarily have to have the same shape as the dining table. Here you have the opportunity to play with shapes and expressions.

For example, consider leaving the coffee table with unplaned edges so that the table appears as natural as possible – or find in consultation with us a completely different solution that fits into your home.

Get help with your next coffee table or specialty piece of furniture

Are you looking for another handmade special furniture, Kærbygård course also help with that. For example, we can color and texture match your coffee table with one vin-reol , one sideboard or a new one kitchen worktop mv.

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