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Wooden coffee table

We can make a coffee table to match the plank table or any of your wooden furniture.



Generations on the farm

Coffee tables must also be made of planks

It's not just the dining table that needs made of beautiful, solid wood oak, walnut or elm wood - the sofatable can be made of the same good wood. This gives you the same advantages - being able to decide on the size, design and finishing according to your own wishes.

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If you order a wooden coffee table from Kærbygård at the same time as a plank dining table , we can offer to make the coffee table from the same trunk, so you are sure that both tables have the same shade and play. This creates a very special interplay between the tables - especially if they are to be placed in the same room.

A plank coffee table does not necessarily have to have the same shape as the dining table.
Here you can play with shapes and expressions. For example, consider leaving the coffee table with living edges to make it look as natural as possible.
as possible - or work with us to find a completely solution that suits your home.

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