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Plank table

Our furniture must always be perfect.

Buying a plank table is a matter of trust. At Kaerbygaard , we take pride in the fact that you can trust our products and the work that goes into creating a beautiful, functional and unique piece of furniture.


Satisfaction guarantee

Types of furniture

Plank tables out of the ordinary

To create such a product, many factors need to be in place. It is not always enough to have the right oak with beautiful veins at hand. The wood must be cut in the right way and then stored under controlled conditions to prevent warping and cracking.

That's why our warehouse and workshop are always heated to the temperature that ensures the planks have time to dry properly. It takes a long time, but it's a necessary process for
to achieve the perfect result. Then our skilled and experienced professionals select just the right planks for your furniture.

See the selection of all our tables here or go to our selection of plank tables.

If you have your own wishes regarding the appearance of the planks, the size of the table and the finishing, we will of course take these wishes into account and select - in consultation with you - the planks that are suitable for the specific task.

The details need to be in place to create a good result. At Kaerbygaard, we pay a lot of attention to the details. We know that it's often the small and easily overlooked things that make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent result.


At Kaerbygaard we are committed to the noble art of carpentry. No two pieces of wood are the same, which is a strength we can utilize because we have our own carpenters, our own carpentry and our own forest.

When you order a piece of furniture from us, you will become an active part of the process. We send pictures and show planks continuously, so you can choose the look you find most beautiful. In addition, we help with edge design, the selection of legs in either wood or steel, and of course we also help to choose the correct oil.

When you are satisfied with the choices, our joiner will start at the workshop. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Finally, we deliver and assemble your furniture directly at your place, and it is our joiner who is responsible for both the delivery and the last finish on site.

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Form and expression

One plank table can of course take many shapes and colors, and we periodically manufacture some square, 5-edged and 8-edged joiner plank tables for customers who really want something that stands out.

One of our most popular plank tables is currently our Round tables in oak, available in all sizes and with or without extraction for additional plates. Our additional plates are 50 cm per piece by default, which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller, in return for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this. Together with a match oak sideboard, it can really also create cohesion and tranquility in the home, which we LOVE.

Choice of wood type, colour and leg

Our plank tables come in different shapes, sizes, woods and oils. In addition, we have many different models and colors for plank table legs. Wood, coating and legs are the three main components that define the plank table. In addition to these, we also help to choose sortings in the tree – with and without knots, whether there should be 1, 2, 3 or 4 planks, find the right dimensions at both height, width and length, and much more.



At Kaerbygaard , much of the oak for our plank tables comes from our own trees. The best oak trees for the job are selected in our woodlands. They are felled in the forest and transported to our workshop, where they are sorted and quality assessed before being cut into planks. We are also fortunate to have some of the best American walnut and Danish elm wood available.

We always have a large stock of kiln dried wood. There is a big difference in the expression of the ket in the wood depending on where in the trunk the wood comes from. It is therefore important that we find out what you like about the wood so that we can choose the wood that suits you. Here you also have the opportunity to help select the wood yourself, directly at the farm's sawmill.

See below where we go through a bit about oils and bones:

The process around the plank table

  1. Select one or more planks in oak, walnut or elm.
  2. Choose assault treatment. Here you can choose between different varnishes and oils according to your needs and color wishes.
  3. Choose between wood and metal table legs. Of course, we try to match the look of the tabletop.
  4. Select any additional plate or two in the through-colored MDF. Standard is 50cm each.

Competent joiners

In the carpentry workshop, the various furniture is made by our skilled joiners – the staff consists of furniture, machine and building joiners. We have a very professionally skilled and competent staff, who all take pride in delivering the best product on the market.

We are proud of our employees, who every day do their best to get the furniture that you will be happy – and proud of – to have standing in your home or in your company.

The finished furniture should also be treated well. The plank tables to be put up for sale are in our heated showroom – and the tables that are to be directly passed on to a customer are stored in heated storage rooms until delivery is due to take place.

Carpenters also LOVE to make oak sideboards to match your new plank table.


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Visit our showroom and get behind the production

At Kaerbygaard , we are always ready for a non-committal chat about options and pricing. We want our customers to get the furniture of their dreams, which is why we want to make sure that all details have been reviewed and approved before we start production.

Feel free to drop by our showrooms, located in Odense, Aarhus copenhagen. Here we can also have a non-binding talk about what wishes and requirements you have for your plank table. If you visit us in Odense, it is also possible to visit our carpentry workshop, which is located at the same address. Here you can get behind the production and see how skilled craftsmen bring the plank tables to life.

FAQ on plank table

What is the difference between carpentry and machine-made plank table?
It differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Often, however, we see that the quality and detail richness of a joiner made beats a machine-made plank table. A joiner also listens to wishes and requirements where assembly line plank tables are as they are.
Which type of wood to choose plank table in?
Plank tables can be made in almost any tree species. However, there is a big difference between the expression in the wood, the durability and the colors. We recommend choosing either oak, walnut or elm wood, as they are hardy and can get a refined expression that lasts for generations.
What is the process of designing plank table?
First we recommend that you look at some pictures and inspiration on our website and then consider how many people the plank table should be able to carry. Next, feel free to choose wood, size, design, wood and finally surface treatment in our carpentry. Next, the joiner gets started and you can expect to get your plank table delivered within 12 weeks.
How much is a plank table?
One plank table can cost anywhere between 10,000-40,000 DKK, but usually stands at around 20-35,000 DKK. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, or 3 pieces, choice of length and width and table legs. We make plank tables exactly according to our customers' wishes to order, so that the price is reflected in the customer's choice.
What weighs a plank table?
One plank table can easily weigh 80-100 kg or more. Therefore, we are always in charge of delivery, handling and installation at the customer's address, so everything goes smoothly and no damage is done to the table.
What size can a plank table made in?
All sizes, you decide. At Kaerbygaard , you design your own plank table and can therefore get the size, wood type and treatment you want.
How to maintain a plank table?
A plank table from Kaerbygaard can often be maintained with a damp cloth, as the quality of our solid wood furniture is the highest on the market. However, periodically a small amount of wood oil will be needed, which we supply with the table in question.