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We handmade furniture to order according to your goals, wishes and requirements.

Kaerbygaard carpentry makes wooden furniture in different materials and price ranges. That's why we've created this page where you can see and compare prices. We handcraft everything according to your wishes, so contact us today if you have any questions or special requests :-)

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Endless possibilities

Prices on plank tables and Round tables:

You can calculate the price below and feel free to submit a request for a plank table ensuing. This is, of course, completely non-binding.

Prices of sideboards:

Under the individual types you can choose how many modules you want, including number of modules with drawers, with doors or with open spaces with shelves.

Calculate the price of multiple furniture

In our online shop you can calculate the prices of the product you are looking for. Simply select the variant you want and enter your measurements and requirements.


When the need for a longer table arises in connection with many guests or the like, additional plates can be fitted. We create several different solutions within additional plates, so it is possible to find the solution that appeals to you the most. Typically, we choose a dark or black dyed MDF or make the additional plates in the same carving wood that is selected for the plank table.

With additional plates, you therefore have the option to have a plank table in wood for everyday use – and at the same time a long table that can be expanded when the need for many seating comes about. Our additional plates are 50 cm per piece by default, which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller, in return for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

At Kaerbygaard , we have different options if you want to extend your dining table to make room for guests. There are various advantages and disadvantages to the different solutions, which will be described below.

We can make the additional panel in the same plank as the table itself, so that the grain continues into the additional panel. This is a beautiful carpentry solution where attention is paid to detail. However, you need to be able to store the additional plates in the same climate as the table, otherwise they will work differently from the table. If the additional plates are not used often, there will be a colour difference between the table and the additional plate. Solid wood tops are very heavy and the price is considerably higher.

The supplement plates are made of a black through-coloured hard furniture MDF. This additional board can stand
on the ceiling or in the garage, as it is dimensionally stable. There is a clear contrast to the board itself, so any colour change is not noticed. It is a cheaper alternative compared to solid wood panels.

If you need a new dining table and a new coffee table, we can make both tables from the same plank and fit raised legs to the coffee table so that they can be joined together so that the grain of the wood runs all the way through the assembled table.

Table legs

In addition to additional plates in MDF and wood, you can also choose different designs and materials for your furniture. Table legs have an incredibly important role for the comfort of the plank table. For example, we have table legs that do not bother if you cover close up, even if you get the space by the leg.

The legs also have an important aesthetic role, since a table leg can change the expression on the plank table. For example, there is a difference between choosing legs in black steel or wooden legs in the same oiling as the rest of the table. In addition, there is a slight price difference from table to table and leg to leg, depending on which material and design one chooses from legs.

We therefore recommend that consideration of the choice of table legs be carefully considered.

See our coatings and table legs here.



We are here to help you

We can offer almost anything within wooden furniture and plank tables.

Once you have decided on the planks (oak, elm, walnut) is the next process to choose surface treatment and table legs.

You can always come by the showroom to see and test your options, but you are also welcome to contact us by phone. We are happy to help in the best possible way.

For example, would you like to have a oak sideboard match your new plank table? We'll take care of that, too.


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