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Kitchen countertop walnut

Indoor kitchen countertop in walnut. Read more about our kitchen countertops and see inspiration here.

0,15  sq cm

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Pay 10% deposit of this furniture

Production and delivery typically 8-20 weeks

We both supply and mount
Kærbygård's handmade quality

Kitchen countertop in walnut | Natural oils

  • Remember. We make countertops in most woods and colors, and the dimensions you decide for yourself. Please contact us if you cannot find an opportunity that suits you or you need help or sparring. Since it is a joiner working with your new worktop, we can customize it for almost anything you want.


The worktop for the kitchen

No matter what wishes you have, there are no restrictions in terms of standard dimensions, design and mounting options – anything is almost possible.
Order a Kitchen-worktop from Kaerbygaard and your kitchen will have an exclusive and unique look. With us it is possible to have a worktop made according to our own measurements and wishes for wood type, expression.

We can fit both square, rectangular and atypical shapes, for example for a kitchen island or a round kitchen.

Join the whole process

We take you out to select the right tree, just as of course you are also in if stones, granite or other special things are to be integrated into your kitchen. This ensures that both you – and we – are constantly in control of the process, which will ultimately result in the result that you dreamed of from the very beginning. With Kaerbygaard we want you to feel joy every day when you enter your kitchen – whether you are preparing dinner or enjoying a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich. That is why we are happy to go the extra mile and make the extra effort to make the result exactly as you would have liked.


Brand: Kaerbygaard
Series: Indoor countertops
Product type: Wooden worktop
Material: We primarily use wood from local sustainable forest. Choose from several woods.
Color: We can customize the colors according to wishes, so contact us for another oiling or other treatment. For example, dark or black, nature, neutral, or light pigmented.
Thickness: 30 mm or 40 mm is standard dimensions, but we can be customized according to your needs. Contact us and hear more.
Length: Varies according to your choices.
Width: Our default size is 62 cm, but if you want a different size, you can choose it from the menu.


The delivery time depends on the tree and expression selected. Wood is a natural material, which means that it cannot be "ordered" according to how many knots or games there should be.
In addition, the joiner must have time to process the worktop, and there are different drying times on both the wood and the oil that must be observed.

We therefore take a dialogue about the specific delivery time for your carpentry table, depending on our inventory and customization options.

Therefore, expect approx. 2-8 weeks delivery time as a starting point.


Read more about our quality and read about the wood here.

Further information

Weight 99kg
Size 62 × 62 × 0.4 cm
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