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Buch barstol | Favorite combinations

At Kærbygård, we love the Buch bar stools from Findahls .

We have a price guarantee and match all prices on this product. Contact us for other combinations. Get more information about chairs and see our photos here.




From Findahl’s furniture house


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Findahls Buch bar stool 69-77 cm | Our favorite selection


We have the opportunity to find exactly the combination of wood and upholstery that you need. Contact us to order other combinations. In addition, we ALWAYS have a price guarantee on the BUCH bar stools, contact us by email or phone if you find the furniture cheaper, and we will match the price!


At Kærbygård, we love the Buch bar stools from Findahls .

The Erik Buch bar stool was designed by architect Erik Buch (1923-1982). It is a light and delicious bar stool that is produced in height 69cm and 77cm. Can be delivered with swivel seat and adjusted in height according to your wishes. The bar stool is available in several types of wood, as well as a painted surface.

Types of wood:
Beech (Soap-treated, oiled, stained, lacquered)
Oak (Soap-treated, oiled, stained, lacquered)
Teak (Oiled, stained, lacquered)
Walnut (Oiled, stained, varnished)


Goal: H69 x W38 x D45 cm.
Seat height: 69 cm.
Seat depth: 31 cm.
Seat width: 37 cm.

Goal: H77 x W40 x D45 cm.
Seat height: 77 cm.
Seat depth: 31 cm.
Seat width: 39 cm.

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Expected delivery time of about 4-6 weeks.

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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 69 cm

69 cm, 77 cm

Træ og behandling

Beech – soaped, Oak – Clear oil, Oak – Soaped, Teak – clear oil, Varnish – Black, Walnut – clear oil


P3: Sydney leather – Beige, P3: Sydney leather – Cognac, P3: Toledo leather – Black

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