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Our corona initiatives

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Read more about how we handle corona at Kaerbygaard and what it means for you as a customer.

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New digital initiative shows you around Kærbygård's showroom, carpentry and storage 

Experience a showroom that takes you both locally and digitally.

Covid-19 has restricted many from entering stores due to the risk of infection. Kaerbygaard - Fyns møbelsnedkeri, breaks with convention and has developed a digital showroom where customers can be served personally through a conference screen.

The new digital initiative aims to ensure that visitors to the showroom in both Aarhus and Copenhagen can get the same service, guidance and insight into the joinery, without having to drive all the way to Funen, or risk becoming infected.

If you want a guided tour, time is booked by phone. Next, you get ready in front of our showroom and call again to be let in electronically. Then you can walk around the showroom in peace and quiet and look at the furniture selection.

At the same time, the team from Kaerbygaard follows the conference screen and can help visitors. At Kaerbygaard we are very much looking forward to welcoming customers in our new digital showrooms.

Read more about Corona virus (Corvid-19) here.

Corona (Corvid-19) FAQ

Is showroom in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense still open?

YES. However, we require you to book an appointment on our booking pageso that we can take any precautions. In addition, we have provided hand sanitizer and wiping of affected surfaces on e.g. tables, chairs and other carpentry furniture.
We also refer to our digital showroom in Aarhus or Copenhagen for customers and business partners who have the opportunity to use this risk-free solution.

Do I need to book time in advance?

Usually not. But during these times, unfortunately, it is the best protection against corona. This is because we want to ensure the right deprication of the carpentry furniture, and that in this way we can avoid customers overlapping.

Book an appointment hereand we'll make sure everything is blown off and that no other customers are present during this time. We also recommend that you come by few guests at a time. However, the rest of the family is always welcome in our natural surroundings :-)
It's too bad, but it's for you and our health.

Is the online store open?
Yes. We still receive orders through our online store. Under the circumstances, we value the extra order placed here, as there are no risks associated with our employees, joiners or customers. Of course, we make sure to take all precautions regarding the packaging and delivery of carpentry furniture, so that, for example, there is no risk of infection when packing or delivering at the address of larger furniture.  
Is the carpentry still going on?

Yes. Of course, we take all precautions and recommendations from the state and the Danish Healthand Medicines Authority . There will always be professionally trained staff during opening hours and if you have any questions or need help we are also catching on +45 27 11 20 01 and on

Remember to book time.

Does the situation mean extended delivery times?

Yes. Of course, we want to maintain the high quality and service of our carpentry furniture. Due to the situation, this means that delivery times MAY be longer than normal, but not necessarily so. Of course, we make sure to keep you updated on all fronts should your order be delayed.

Is there any prospect of the joinery returning in full force soon?

We follow the health board's recommendations.
"The health of our employees and customers means more to us than anything else. At present, production runs at full power, but can of course be affected by corona. We provide information should your furniture be affected.