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Læs mere om hvordan vi håndterer corona hos Kærbygård og hvad det betyder for dig som kunde.

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New digital initiatives show you around Kærbygård’s showroom, carpentry and warehouse

Covid-19 has restricted many people from entering the stores due to the risk of infection. Kærbygård – Fyns møbelsnedkeri, breaks with the conventional and has developed a digital showroom where customers can be served personally through a conference screen.

The new digital initiative will ensure that visitors to the showroom at Amerika Plads 22A can get the same service, guidance and insight into the carpentry, without having to drive all the way to Funen, or risk being infected. If you want a tour, book an appointment by phone. When you at our showroom and call again and we will let you in electronically. Then you can walk around the showroom in peace and quiet and look at the furniture selection. At the same time, the team from Kærbygård will be available on the conference screen and can thus help the visitors. At Kærbygård we look forward to welcoming customers into our showroom in Copenhagen at Amerika Plads 22A. Read more about the Corona virus (Corvid-19) here.

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Corona (Corvid-19) FAQ

Is the showroom in Copenhagen and Odense still open?

YES. However, we require that you book an appointment of +45 27 11 20 01 so that we can take the necessary precautions. Derudover har vi sørget for håndsprit og aftøring af påvirkede overflader på eksempelvis borde, stole og andre snedkermøbler. Vi henviser desuden til vores digitale showroom i Købehavn for kunder og samarbejdspartnere som har mulighed for at benytte denne risiko-frie løsning. Læs mere om dette ovenfor.  

Do I need to book an appointment?

Usually not. However, during these times, unfortunately, this is the best protection against getting infected .

This is because we want to ensure proper cleaning of the furniture, and in this way we can avoid customers overlap.

Book an appointment by phone or mail and we will make sure everything is clean and that no other customers are present during this time.

We also recommend that you come as few as possible at a time, so please do not bring the whole group of friends, the family into the showroom. However, they are always welcome in our natural surroundings :-)

It’s a shame, but it’s for your and our health’s sake.

Is the online store open?

YES. We still receive orders through our online store.

In the circumstances, we really appreciate the orders placed here as there are no risks to our employees, carpenters or customers.

Of course, we take all the necessary precautions regarding packaging and delivery of carpenter furniture, so that, for example, there is no risk of infection from the packaging or delivery at the address of larger furniture.


Is production still running?
YES. Of course, we take all precautions and recommendations from the state and sundhedsstyrelsen.

Dette betyder, at vi kører på kraftigt nedsat kapacitet, hvor personale møder på skift og undgår overlap så vidt muligt.

Der vil altid være fagligt uddannet personale indenfor åbningstiden og har man spørgsmål eller behov for hjælp er vi også at fange på +45 27 11 20 01 og på info@kaerbygaard.com


Does the situation mean extended delivery times?
Yes. We, of course, want to maintain the high quality and service of our carpenter furniture. Due to the situation, this means that delivery times CAN be longer than usual.

Of course, we will keep you updated on all fronts should your order be delayed.

Is there any prospect of production returning to full strength soon?
We are following the recomendations from sundhedsstyrelsens.

Our employees and customers’ health means more to us than anything else.

Therefore, it is unclear when production will return to full force.

Henrik Kibæk

Henrik Kibæk

9. generation & owner

“Only one set of visitors will be locked into our Showroom at a time, as our customers must have a quality experience and of course to minimize the risk of infection.”

Says Henrik Kibæk, 9th generation and owner of Kærbygård Fyns Møbelsnedkeri.

We are always available to answer questions or help in any other way.

call us on ☎️  +45 27 11 20 01  or send an e-mail  ✉️ info@kaerbygaard.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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