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Oak shelf

Kærbygård Snedkeri produces from scratch and always with quality first. We can thus produce some of the most beautiful and detailed oak shelves on the market.


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satisfaction Guarantee

Types of furniture

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Oak shelves – the solution for the modern home

Scandinavian interior design here over the years has developed in a more minimalist direction than we have seen before. Many have opted out of large and heavy shelving and cabinets in their living rooms. These shelves and cabinets are increasingly being replaced by set up shelves. This solution results in a more open and bright result – and provides a solution that can be easily adapted to individual needs.

At Kærbygård we make your oak shelves exactly as you want them. There is free stroke within length, width and thickness, so it is only your imagination that sets the limits.

We can give your oak shelves the finishing you want. This allows you to achieve the look that plays with the rest of the room’s decor and your personal taste.

Are you ready to design and calculate a price for one shelf system in oak, walnut or elm?

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Living edge

A good counterpoint to the minimalist home, where clean lines make up the majority in terms of interior design, may be to choose shelves with a living edge. This means that the edge facing the room is not planed. It consists of the natural shape that appears when the wood is debarked and appears untreated. This natural – slightly irregular – edge provides a perfect counterpoint to the many rectilinear things that usually make up our interior design – and bring a little nature into the home.

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We pay tribute, carpenter pay tribute

Oak shelves can be used anywhere. In the kitchen, many have opted out of wall cabinets to create a more open and bright kitchen. Here, a few well-placed shelves can provide both storage space and create cosiness.

In the entrance, oak shelves often solve a big space problem. If the floor space is cramped, shelves or cabinets can give a cluttered impression, while shelves set up at the right height give a more harmonious impression.

In the living room, it can be difficult to do without shelves. In these digital times, there are only a few homes that – as before – have many bookshelves in the living room.

This means that there is no room for the family photos, the small cozy trinkets from the holiday, the vase with the fresh flowers from the garden and other things we would like to surround ourselves with.

Here the oak shelves come into their own. Kærbygård they can be made in the sizes that fit the walls where you want them to be placed – and you get a light and elegant solution in the best possible quality.

We only place love for wood and crafts on the shelves.

Come by our showroom and feel the quality.




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