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Plank dining table

Plank tables as dining tables have to that extent won into the home. Read more about why and find inspiration, right here. You can also jump directly to our page for long tables , where you can see plank dining tables that are +3 meters.


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satisfaction Guarantee


Unique furniture

Oils & bones

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Choose your shapes: Round table or rectangular

A plank dining table can be both rectangular or round. Sometimes we actually also make square and 5-8 angular tables, which are very special. If you want to see ours round tables we have collected a lot of pictures and information here . You can see the alternative forms in our gallery if your imagination is to be put into play.

Of course we also like to make a matched wall mount oak sideboard , which can be manufactured in a design and size according to your wishes. We think it looks really good with an oak sideboard in the same type of wood, surface treatment and design expression as the plank dining table. See more about oaks wooden sideboard here .

You can read more in general about our plank table here .

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These are some absolutely amazing tables you make. We are still super happy with ours. It just fits so well with our house. Quality does not deny itself.

Thomas Soendberg Clausen

Longtable, owner

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The dining table – the family’s natural gathering place

Decades ago, the dining table was a table that stood in the %22fine living room%22 and was only used to eat at when there were guests. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Today, a dining table is much more than the table we sit at when we have to eat our meals; it has become a natural gathering place for the whole family in many situations. Over time, it has developed so that we Danes spend a lot of time at our plank dining table. This is due – as mentioned before – not only to the fact that it is a practical piece of furniture to sit on when we have to eat our meals. It also has to do with the fact that we are good at having fun – whether it is with the spouse, the boyfriend, the whole family with children or it is the friends who are gathered for a cozy get-together over a well-prepared meal.

The process: from wood to dining table

The process starts by going out into the woods and choosing the most promising trees. Then the selected elm trees, oak trees or walnut trees are felled, and before they become a table top, they are run through a thorough drying process – first outside, then in the drying oven. This process is done to ensure that the table does not split when it acclimatizes to your home.

Only the best or most special planks are selected to become table tops. Here you can participate in the selection of the planks we need for your particular long table. Our planks all have different expressions, so all dining tables from Kærbygård are completely unique.


Hear a little about the choice of oil and table legs:

Dining table in 1-4 planks


Bordben materiale

Tillægsplader MDF

Læs mere om plankeborde i 1-4 planker og se inspiration her.

Round dining table


Bordben materiale

Tillægsplader (MDF)

Læs mere om runde plankeborde og se inspiration her.

Additional plates

When the need for a longer table arises in connection with many guests or the like, additional plates can be fitted. We make several different solutions within additional plates, so it is possible to find the solution that appeals to you the most. Typically, we choose a dark or black through-colored MDF or make the additional boards in the same carving wood, which is selected for the plank table.

With additional plates, you therefore have the opportunity to have a wooden plank table for everyday use – and at the same time a long table that can be extended when the need for many seats arises. Our additional plates are as standard 50 cm per piece. which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

The tree

Wood is a natural product – and no two planks are exactly alike. At Kærbygård , we take pride in finding exactly the plank or planks that fit your table. Whether you want a fine and dense veining or a coarser and more rustic veining, we will help you find the planks that give a nice end result in accordance with your wishes.

In addition to the traditional square plank tables, we also make oval and round tables . These can be made as tables in planks at intervals or as glued table tops, whereby you achieve a smooth and dense board in solid wood.

We can also make a handmade carpenter sideboard in oak , which matches your plank dining table. It’s pretty nice actually.


Oak or other wood

The dining table has been given many new functions in the modern Danish family. This is where we play cards with friends on Friday night. This is where we play board games with the kids when the rain teases on Sunday afternoon – and this is where we sit when the kids need a little help with the teasing math.

This is also where we sit down when we have to dream about the next holiday trip – and find out if the budget is commensurate with the dreams.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we at Kærbygård manufacture the quality table that you and your family will gather around for many years to come – and that is why we are very happy to provide you with guidance and good advice regarding your new wooden dining table. At Kærbygård you will find a sharp selection of wooden dining tables and whether you are looking for an elongated or round plank dining table, you will find it here.

Are you ready to design and calculate a price on dining table as either plank table or round table ?


Plank dining table

%22We are really happy with our dining table from Kærbygård plank tables %22

Lise Lomholt

Plank dining table, owner

What do others say about buying furniture from us?

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large plank table
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17750 free port 17129 scaled

Round table or plank dining table?

It can be really difficult to make a decision that will last for SO many years. Therefore, we recommend that you come by one of ours showrooms where you can feel, smell, see and test the quality and practicality of one round table versus a plank dining table. We can, like some of the few in the country, make round tables where there can be more than 10 people, so it may also be relevant to you.

Whatever you choose, you can later take advantage of the opportunities by having a real carpenter to make your furniture out of real solid wood. You can namely get one the matches sideboard in oak for example, which appear both refined and elegant, along with your new round table or dining table.

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Get more inspiration in our showrooms

If you do not already have a clear idea of what your new plank dining table should look like, we have many different tables in our showroom that can give you inspiration. Come and see our beautiful tables, and experience the quality of delicious woods such as solid oak, ash, elm and walnut.

Maybe you fall over the table that fits perfectly – otherwise we can adjust it so that it becomes perfect.

egetrae langbord langt plankebord kaerbygaard 2021

Endless possibilities in wood

The possibilities are countless, as we have experience in making everything from very large plank dining tables to large dining rooms, to living rooms in smaller apartments and tables for kitchens and family rooms. The individually adapted sizes and possible use of additional plates make it always possible to find the optimal solution for you and your family. Our additional plates are as standard 50cm per piece. which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

In our showroom you will be convinced that we only make the best quality. Our tables must – in addition to being functional – be beautiful and last for many years of use. Our high quality requirements mean that wood that has not lived up to our high standards is sorted out in the selection process. We therefore spend a lot of time and energy on ensuring that only the best wood reaches our carpentry workshop – then we know that we can guarantee the quality.

Read more about our plank tables:

4-Plank TABLES

Oak tables

Walnut tables

Round tables



Plank dining tables are made of the best wood

At Kærbygård , we are responsible for the entire process when we have to make a dining table. It gives us full control right from felling the right wood, gentle transport, cutting the planks and subsequent air drying and final oven drying.

We have full control over the finishing planer – and not least – the finishing in the form of sanding and surface treatment, which gives the unique finish that highlights the veins and ensures a table that can withstand being used for decades – and will still appear beautiful.

The fact that we are responsible for the entire process helps to ensure the high quality. We place very high quality demands on our products.

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FAQ about dining tables

What is a dining table?

A dining table is, as the saying goes, a table where you typically enjoy the company of the family and eat some food. However, a dining table can be much more. It can be the central piece of furniture in the house, the one that gathers people and be where the best times come from.

What does a dining table cost?

A dining table can cost anywhere between 15,000-35,000 DKK, but is usually around 20,000-30,000 DKK. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces, choice of length and width and the table legs. We make dining tables exactly according to our customers’ wishes to order, so that the price is reflected in the customer’s choice.

What does a dining table weigh?

A dining table can easily weigh +80 kg or more. That is why we are always responsible for delivery, handling and installation at the customer’s address, so that everything runs flawlessly and no damage is done to the table.

What size can dining tables be made in?

All sizes you decide. At Kærbygård design your own dining table, and can therefore get the size, type of wood and treatment you want.

The process around the dining table

  1. Choose one or more planks in oak, walnut or elm.
  2. Select assault treatment. Here you can choose between different varnishes and oils according to your needs and color desire.
  3. Choose between wood and metal table legs. We are of course trying to match the look of the tabletop.
  4. Choose an optional add-on board or two in solid-colored MDF. By default, they measure the table width x 50 cm.

Dining tables designed by you, for you.

We can make a dining table exactly according to your wishes.

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