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Kaerbygaard furniture


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If you want to hear more about our furniture, we recommend that you book an appointment.

Want to know more?

If you want to hear more about our furniture, we recommend that you book an appointment.


With Kaerbygaard we make furniture, as they did in the old days. We can make all furniture based on your wishes, goals and requirements.

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Choosing and designing carpentry furniture

Designing and manufacturing the correct carpentry furniture that fulfills your dreams and requirements can be a complex affair, and works both on paper and in reality. Most furniture made by hand is unique and it is therefore difficult to relate to what YOUR specific furniture will look like.

On Kaerbygaard we have been making carpentry furniture for many years, and now know quite a lot about how the wood develops and how it ends up standing at your home. In addition, we have both showrooms with beautiful carpentry furniture as you can see, and we have a file with a lot of pictures of previously delivered furniture.

Therefore, at Kaerbygaard Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you get exactly the carpentry furniture you dream of. We are actually so confident in our case that we offer satisfaction guarantee on the majority of our furniture.

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FAQ about our Kaerbygaard furniture

Who and what is Kaerbygaard?

Kaerbygaard is a family-owned generation farm consisting of agriculture and carpentry. Today we live 8th, 9th and 10th generation on the farm. We are particularly passionate about Danish design, high quality and happy customers. Because we are a farm with our own agriculture, we have the opportunity to use wood from our own forest and local forests around the farm. Therefore, there are no expensive intermediaries between us and you.

Why Kaerbygaard carpentry?

Kaerbygaard have no expensive intermediaries. In addition, you help design your furniture yourself, so it will be perfect according to your wishes. This allows us to produce some of the most delicious furniture of the highest quality, at a fair price and designed according to your needs. We have been particularly recognised for our plank tables and sideboards, but we also make Round tables, coffee tables, wine racks, and much more in the same high quality.

What is the difference between carpentry-made and mass-produced furniture?

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Often, however, we see that the quality and detail richness of a carpenter-made piece of furniture beats a machine-made piece of furniture, on almost all parameters. A joiner also listens to wishes and requirements where assembly line furniture is as they are.

Which type of wood should you choose your Kaerbygaard furniture in?

Kaerbygaard furniture can be made in almost any tree species. However, there is a big difference between the expression in the wood, the durability and the colors. We recommend choosing either oak, walnut or elm wood, as they are hardy and can get a refined expression that lasts for generations. You can combine your furniture into different woods and coatings if you want a more colorful home.

What is the process of designing a carpentry furniture?

First, we recommend that you look at some pictures and inspiration on our website. Next, feel free to choose furniture, wood, size, design, legs and finally surface treatment in our carpentry. Next, the joiner goes off and you can expect to have your joiner furniture delivered within 12 weeks.

How much is a Kaerbygaard furniture?

We manufacture plank tables, coffee table, Round tables, kitchen countertops, sideboards, and much else... Common to all of them is that you are a co-designer yourself, and therefore the prices vary according to your wishes and requirements. 

How to maintain a Kaerbygaard furniture?

A piece of furniture from Kaerbygaard can often simply be maintained with a damp cloth as the quality is our solid wood furniture is the highest on the market.