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In Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen

Special furniture

The carpentry workshop at Kaerbygaard is home to furniture makers, carpenters, joiners and designers.

This means we can go straight to the expert in the field when we get a request for a job - or if a new solution is needed, we can put the whole team to work.


Generations on the farm

Competences and experience

The wide range of skills and high level of commitment we have at the joinery means that we are able to find a good solution for all joinery tasks, from wine cellars, staircases, kitchens and other special furniture.

If you are faced with a larger joinery task, we always recommend that you arrange a meeting at the joinery at Kaerbygaard. In this way, we can take into account exactly the competences and professional groups that the task requires. If it is a construction furniture or furniture that requires it, we would of course like to come for a visit.

But, what exactly is a special furniture?

It can be anything, but it's ALWAYS in wood here at Kaerbygaard. For example, you can see our sideboard or our wine shelving to be inspired for your specialty furniture.

Are you ready to design your own sideboard? How about a new Kitchen-worktop? Or a shelves which is made by hand?

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Get a wooden furniture that lasts through generations. Kaerbygaard carpentry is your seal of quality. You see wooden furniture and be inspired in the gallery. You are also welcome to take a look at our beautiful oak sideboards which is a wooden furniture at its best.

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Your dream wooden furniture is our passion

Kærbygård's handmade wooden furniture made of quality wood lasts for generations. When you order a wooden furniture from us, you not only get a quality furniture but also a unique piece of Danish nature into your home. We make all our products from scratch and handle the entire process from start to finish in our own carpentry. You are of course welcome to participate in the process – from the choice of wood variety to the choice of finishing.

If you are looking for another handmade special furniture,you can Kaerbygaard of course also help with that. For example, we can colour and texture match your special furniture with a wine bookcase,a coffee table,a sideboard or a new one Kitchen-worktop Etc.