Custom furniture

In the carpentry shop at Kærbygård there are furniture carpenters, machine carpenters, building carpenters, carpenters and designers.

This means that we can go directly to the expert in the field when we get a query on a task or if a new solution is needed, we can start the whole team.


Competences and experience

The wide field of expertise and the high level of commitment we have in the carpentry industry mean that we are able to find a good solution to all carpentry tasks from wine cellars, stairs, kitchens and furniture.

If you are facing a major carpentry job, we always recommend that you arrange a meeting at the carpentry shop at Kærbygård near Odense. This allows us to include precisely the competencies and professional groups that the task requires. If it is a fitting or furniture that requires it, we of course would like to be allowed to visit.

Kærbygård carpentry


A unique special piece of furniture

If you can dream it, then we can make it. Let’s create a fantastic piece of furniture together.