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Plank tables

Plank tables

At Kaerbygaard we make furniture the way it was made in the old days. We can make any furniture according to your wishes, measurements and requirements.

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One plank table in all sizes

At Kaerbygaard we specialize in plank tables in all sizes, shapes and colors!

Here on the farm we have our own carpentrythat, based on your wishes, requirements and descriptions, can do exactly the plank table you dream of. We've gathered some of the country's brightest carpenters and given them the best wood you can possibly get hold of. In addition, we manufacture the plank tables directly from the forest for you. This means that there are no costly intermediaries who should share in the cake.

What you need to know:

Before we start your design, we would really like to talk to you. Therefore, we recommend that you book an appointment for one of our showrooms. Here you need to take a position on the design on the table: the number of planks, length, width, height, wood type, sorting on the wood, oiling, legs and any additional plates. That's a lot of choices, but don't worry. We have almost all combinations on display in our showroomsand we give you plenty of time to consider and ask questions.

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Choosing and designing carpentry furniture

Designing and manufacturing the correct carpentry furniture that fulfills your dreams and requirements can be a complex affair, and works both on paper and in reality. Most furniture made by hand is unique and it is therefore difficult to relate to what YOUR specific furniture will look like.

At Kaerbygaard , we have been making joinery furniture for many years and know a lot about how the wood develops and how it ends up in your home. In addition, we have both showrooms with beautiful carpentry furniture that you can see, and we have an index with many pictures of previously delivered furniture.

That's why at Kaerbygaard you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you'll get the exact piece of furniture you're dreaming of. In fact, we are so confident that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on the majority of our furniture.

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FAQ on plank table

How to design a plank table?

First we recommend that you look at some pictures and inspiration on our website and then consider how many people should be able to sit around the plank table. Next, feel free to choose wood, size, design, wood and finally surface treatment in our carpentry. You can also use our online store to decide on different designs and put together the perfect plank table.

What is the difference between carpentry and a regular plank table?

It differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Often, however, we see that the quality and detail richness of a joiner made beats a mass-produced plank table. A joiner also listens to wishes and requirements where assembly line plank tables are as they are.

Which type of wood is best for a plank table?

A plank table can be made in most woods, but the general rule is that the softer the tree, the easier it is to work with, but it is harder to keep it neat. We primarily use oak, walnut and elm wood, as these woods give the best result both in terms of design and long shelf life.

What weighs a plank table?

A plank table can easily weigh 80-100 kg or more at Kaerbygaard. That's why we always take care of delivery, handling and assembly at the customer's address so that everything runs smoothly and no damage is done to the table. A plank table in softer wood such as pine can weigh about half as much as a table in oak or walnut.

What size can a plank table made in?

All sizes, you decide. At Kaerbygaard you design your own plank table and can therefore get the size, wood type and treatment you want. Naturally, we provide help and guidance throughout the process. Consider, among other things, how many people will be seated around the table and how much space the table will take up in the room.

How to maintain a plank table?

A plank table from Kaerbygaard can often be maintained with a damp cloth, as the quality of our solid wood furniture is the highest on the market. However, periodically a little oil will be needed, which we supply with the table in question. Typically once or twice a year.

How much is a Carpenter's plank table?

A plank table can cost anywhere between 2,000-100,000 DKK, but is usually around 20-35,000 DKK at Kaerbygaard. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, 3 or 4, the choice of length and width, and the table legs. We make plank tables to our customers' exact specifications to order, so the price is reflected in the customer's choice. There is also a big difference in quality when looking at plank tables. An expensive plank table often has more details, better wood, better oil and more hours in the hand of a carpenter.