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Plank table elm wood

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Danish elm has a fantastic change in nuances  that cannot be compared to american elm. The Danish elm trees were plagued by elm disease 20 years ago, which means that it is difficult to obtain this beautiful variety. However, in 2017 we were fortunate to have the opportunity to buy a larger stock from a farmer in South Jutland and can therefore produce solid wood furniture in Danish elm.

After ordering a plank table here on the site, you will be called by one of our skilled staff. Over the years, we have learned that preferences towards gnarls, edges, etc. can vary widely, and we would therefore like to work with you to make sure you get the table you want. Therefore, the wood will be specially selected for you, so you get the expression you dream of – you even get to approve the planks.

Of course, you are always welcome to visit our showroomsor carpentry at Kærbygård, where you can see the whole process from wood to finished furniture.

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160 CM, 200 CM, 240 CM, 300 CM


Steel legs, Wooden legs

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  • 25
    leather oak

    Mette dining chair | Leather – Oak

    DKK3.115,00 DKK2.336,25
  • plank table mm done 19

    Plank table Oak

  • 19

    TULSA dining table chair | Several variants

    DKK4.300,00 DKK3.498,00
  • Plank table Walnut

  • 25
    METTE STOL scaled

    Buch bar stool | Oak

    DKK2.665,00 DKK1.998,75

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