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Business projects B2B

Kaerbygaard as one of the few Danish cabinetmakers, we can make furniture for all sizes and needs. We are therefore happy to help your company with meeting and conference tables, desks, storage furniture and sideboards, etc.


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Projects for business

At Kaerbygaard we also do various projects for businesses. Our handcrafted wood products made from quality wood last for generations. When you order a wood product from us, you not only get a quality product, but also a unique piece of Danish nature in your home.

We make all our products from scratch and handle the entire process from start to finish in our own carpentry. You are of course welcome to participate in the process – from the choice of wood variety to the choice of finishing. 


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Long tables

Among other things, we make long tables for office environments. We manufacture long tables in many different versions – and customize size and appearance to suit your specific wishes and the size of the office.

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For all types of professions

In addition to this, we have also provided the bar as well as the restaurant tables and chairs for the iconic restaurant and café, Franck A, which since 1923 has been known for its historically inspiring appearance and wood carving work.

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Special tasks

At ODEON in Odense, we have produced a scene in wood. ODEON is among the largest meeting and event venues in Odense and is referred to as "The Living House" with excellent stage and conference facilities.

We are happy to set aside extra time and help you through the many decisions that need to be made in connection with your business project – preferably already in the idea phase. It is important to take into account all your wishes and dreams, so that together we have the right starting point for further work

Join the whole process

That's why we want you to be part of the whole process. We take you out to select the right tree, just as you are of course also in if stones, granite or other special things are to be selected to be integrated into the project. This ensures that both you – and we – are constantly in control of the process, which will ultimately result in the result that is dreamed of from the very beginning.

Take a look at our selection and see what we can do. If you do not find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us so that we can find a good solution together.

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Furniture for business - functional and inviting

Kaerbygaard has delivered furniture to many different businesses over the years. This has resulted in many different - and unique - solutions for the benefit of our business customers. Businesses often have different needs than those found in the home.

Whether it is interior design of offices, meeting rooms, exhibition rooms, waiting rooms or specially shaped furniture for a porch or a foyer, we can in cooperation with you develop the model that works best for you – for the benefit of both you and your customers.

We have many types of joiners who can make commercial furniture

Our skilled cabinetmakers, building joiners and machine joiners work together to produce furniture that is specially adapted to your company's needs. This usually results in new and different solutions that take into account the individual company. Furniture for business must be both functional and aesthetic, which is why the quality is top notch – and even the smallest details are fondled.

Good solutions require good dialogue. Therefore, we ensure continuous and constructive dialogue throughout the process, so that we are constantly on the right track. Of course, you are welcome at any time at our workshop, where you have the opportunity to follow the work closely.

Many companies have their own interior designers or other relevant partners, with whom we are happy to work together when the right solutions are to be found.

B2B décor

We also have the opportunity to involve our own interior designers or other specialists as needed, if desired.

At Kaerbygaard , both as people and as a company, we are very aware of our nature and our environment - and we are sure that you and your company are too. That's why we have a strong focus on sustainability - and take this into account in all our processes.

B2B Cases

Case:Restaurant Frihavn

At Kaerbygaard we solve many different tasks and are ready to help with design and advice in connection with all types of projects. At Restaurant Frihavn, we helped design and develop furniture in oak that fits into the historic setting.

The restaurant is housed in the old, iconic Frihavnens Station, designed by Danish architect Heinrich Wenck and built in 1895

The restaurant has had a full focus on good craftsmanship both in the décor and in the kitchen.

Read more about Restaurant Frihavn on their website here.

Case:Franck A

Good food and drink in delicious surroundings

Franck A is one of Odense's oldest pubs. After a few years of closure, gourmet chef Per Hallundbæk and Claus Skovsted have reopened the place. This has been a really exciting project to work on, which has been characterized by a strong focus on Funen craftsmanship. Le Klint made the beautiful lamps, Carl Hansen and Son supplied the chairs, and we at Kaerbygaard made the tables, food bar, drinks bar, shelves and other interior in Funen oak.

Case:Theatre House ODEON

Odeon is Odense's new music and theatre house, located in the middle of Odense city centre. Here we have had the pleasure of designing and producing the city's stage, which is used daily by Odense's citizens. The stage is sponsored by the Albani Foundation In addition to the stage, we have produced tables, wine racks and various shelves, which today adorn the Odeon.

We thank you for your good cooperation.


Thoughts on design and functionality

We were tasked with producing a scene that could have more features in the house. At the same time, we wanted to do something that you notice when you enter the beautiful foyer.

We have used Funen oak, which is stained and lacquered to fit into the exclusive expression. We've chosen small brass details to fit into Odeon's gold theme. In the middle of the scene is Odeon's logo, which is made of stainless steel and brass. The stainless steel forms a natural transition to the world's largest Le Klint lamp, which hangs above the stage.

The stage can be disassembled into 17 elements, which can be used for benches and small environments around the foyer. In the execution, thought is given to the small details. When the stage is assembled, the oar structure runs from the center out into the outer elements of the same piece of wood.