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Long tables

A large and long plank table that can bring the family together. See below why Kaerbygaard specializes in long tables and LOVES making them.


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The long table - the ultimate plank table

I am sure many of us have admired the long tables seen in Danish castles and manor houses – and are often seen in English and American films and series.

At Kaerbygaard Plank tables, you can realize the dream of having your own long table in your home. We manufacture long tables in many different versions - and customize the size and appearance to suit your wishes and your home.

Not everyone has room for a huge long table in their home, but it is also not necessary. Long tables can be customized in both length and width to make it appear harmonious and individually adapted to the room.


The width can be varied, as we supply long tables made a single wide plank or of two – or three – planks of varying width. Thus, it is possible to get the width that is best suited for the space available.

You can read more in general about our plank tables here, and calculate the price of your future long table here.

What is a long table?

A long table is – as the name suggests – a long table. However, this does not mean that you can only get a long table in very long models. Many choose to buy a wooden longboard of the size that suits the needs of everyday life and fits perfectly in the room in terms of size.

Additional plates

When the need for a longer table arises in connection with many guests or the like, additional plates can be fitted. We create several different solutions within additional plates, so it is possible to find the solution that appeals to you the most. Typically, we choose a dark or black dyed MDF or make the additional plates in the same carving wood that is selected for the plank table.

With additional plates, you therefore have the option to have a plank table in wood for everyday use – and at the same time a long table that can be expanded when the need for many seating comes about. Our additional plates are 50 cm per piece by default, which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller, in return for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

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The process: from tree to long table

The course starts by us going out into the forest and choosing the most promising trees. Then the selected elms, oaks or walnut trees are felled, and before they become a tabletop, they are driven through a thorough drying process – first outside, then in the drying oven. This process is done to ensure that the table does not split when it acclimatizes to your home.

Only the best or most special planks are selected to become table tops. Here you can participate in the selection of the planks we use for your long table. Our planks all have different expressions, so every long table from Kaerbygaard is unique.

These are some amazing tables you make. We're still super happy with ours. It just fits our house so well. Quality does not deny itself.

Thomas Soendberg Clausen

Longboard, owner

Round table or longboard?

It can be really difficult to make a decision that has to last for so many years. Therefore, we recommend that you come by one of our showroomswhere you can feel, smell, see and test the quality and practicalities of a Round table versus a long table. Like some of the few in the country, we can make Round tables where there can be over 10 people, so it may also be relevant to you.

Whatever you choose, you can later take advantage of the possibilities of having a real carpenter to make your furniture out of really solid wood. You can get a match sideboard in oak for example, which appears both refined and elegant, along with your new round table or long table.

Long tables are made from the best wood

At Kaerbygaard Plankeborde, we take care of the entire process when making a plank table. This gives us full control from felling the right wood, gentle transportation, cutting the planks and subsequent air drying and final kiln drying.

We have full control over the final planing – and not least – the final treatment in the form of grinding and coating, which gives the unique finish that highlights the vein and ensures a table that tolerates being used for decades – and will still appear beautiful.

The fact that we manage the entire process ourselves helps to ensure high quality. We have very high quality requirements for our products, which is why at Kaerbygaard Plankeborde we have a waste rate of up to 75% from the time a tree is felled and the finished planks are ready. This means that only the best and specially selected wood is used for the planks.

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FAQ on long tables

What is a long table?

A long table is, as the word goes, a long table. We define a table as a long table when it hits more than 3 meters, as it will have to be handled, manufactured and transported significantly differently compared to smaller plank tables.

How much is a long table?

A long table can cost anywhere between 10,000-100,000 DKK, but usually stands at around 35,000-60,000 DKK. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, or 3 pieces, choice of length and width and table legs. We make long tables exactly according to our customers' wishes to order, so the price is reflected in the customer's choice.

What weighs a long table?

A table in elm can easily weigh +100 kg or more. Therefore, we are always in charge of delivery, handling and installation at the customer's address, so everything goes smoothly and no damage is done to the table.

What size can long tables be made in?

All sizes, you decide. At Kaerbygaard , you design your own long table and can therefore get the size, wood type and finish you want.