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Get a sideboard, TV furniture or shelving system that is unique and lasts for generations. We believe in carpentry and handmade sideboards. You can read more about the quality here .

Our most popular version is an oak sideboard with 4 sections, but you can design and do exactly what your imagination offers you. Our carpenters will probably do their part to make it the perfect sideboard.


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Unique furniture


Satisfaction Guarantee


Unique furniture

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Skænk , cupboard or TV furniture that matches your dreams

If you miss a nice storage space in the living room, the carpenters at Kærbygård ready to help you with a cupboard or sideboard, for example in oak. We have our standard sideboard, which will be found in our showroom. However, we are also very happy to produce a solution that fits exactly to your needs and your home. Before we get started, we always perform 3D drawings so you can visualize the final piece of furniture.

Are you ready to design one sideboard in oak, walnut or elm wood? So look here .

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Skaenk valnod 3 sektioner 4

Wall-mounted or on legs

Traditionally, a sideboard is hung on the wall, but not everyone wants that solution. In many homes, the decor is constantly changing due to the size of the family, the age of the children and other family circumstances.

That is why we also supply sideboards with mounted legs. It gives the same light and airy impression as a suspended sideboard, but gives greater freedom of movement in connection with refurnishing – and does not leave ugly holes in the wall when the desire for relocation arises.

Skænk , cabinets and TV furniture are becoming more and more popular. We at Kærbygård have an example of a sideboard that can be seen in our showroom.

The process: from wood to sideboard

The process starts by going out into the woods and choosing the most promising trees. Then the selected elm trees, oak trees or walnut trees are felled, and before they become a sideboard, they are run through a thorough drying process – first outside, then in the drying oven. This process is done to ensure that the wood does not crack when it acclimatizes to your home.

Only the best or most special planks are selected to become furniture.


Premium wood

Our sideboards can be delivered in elm, oak and walnut, and can be designed exactly to your measurements and wishes.

We have a large selection of oven dried oak and walnut. The difference in expression varies greatly, depending on where in the trunk the tree comes from. Together with us, you will find the wood that suits you and your design at our own sawmill.

You also help determine the surface treatment of your sideboard. If you want to have your wood soap-treated, stained, oiled or varnished, we are available with a large selection of treatments and colors as well as a good talk about maintenance and care.

Our sideboards are built by hand and from solid-solid wood, you will also get a piece of furniture that lasts for generations in both quality, appearance and trends.

Contact us or stop by one of our showrooms and have a chat about your furniture. You can read more about the tree straight here .

What do people say about buying sideboards from us?

Your needs determine – Oak sideboard with 4 sections, or what about walnut?

There are many different needs that must be met when it comes to sideboards, cabinets and / or TV furniture. You therefore have the opportunity to choose the interior of your furniture yourself – whether it should be drawers, doors and / or shelves, so that it suits your needs. For example, would you like an oak sideboard that matches yours round table in oak? No problem, our carpenters will help you with expression, tones and design.

In addition, we have made it possible to choose between drawers, doors and shelves, so that you can have furniture designed for your specific storage needs. This allows us to adapt it to your room and possibly your other furniture, so that colors and sizes fit perfectly.

No matter how you want your sideboard to be decorated, we make sure that your sideboard is made so that all visible veins are continuous. It gives a solid and complete look. As the sideboard is built by hand and made of solid wood, you will also get a piece of furniture that lasts for generations in both quality, appearance and trends. You can see several beautiful carpentry furniture as well as sideboards here in our gallery.

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FAQ about sideboards

How to care for a sideboard?

You care for a wooden sideboard like an ordinary wooden table. Periodically give it a damp cloth and oil once a year. Read more about maintenance in our brochure.

What does a sideboard cost?

A sideboard from Kærbygård typically costs between DKK 15,000 – 35,000. However, it fluctuates a lot as we make them according to your wishes and choices. Wood type, sizes, modules and treatment have an impact on the price.

What does a sideboard weigh?

A handmade joinery sideboard is heavy. Very heavy. Typically, our sideboards weigh between 50-100kg. Therefore, it is always part of the price that we deliver and assemble at the address so that it is not damaged.

How big can a sideboard be?

We can make it exactly as big as you want it. Only your desires set the limit.

Oak sideboards win out again

In many childhood homes or grandparents’ homes, the sideboard was very popular. For a number of years, however, the sideboard disappeared from many homes, but only to come back again today.

Skænk has become a hit in Danish homes, and we have never seen a higher demand than we see today. This may be due to the fact that we generally want to get nature inside in different ways, and because the sideboard is an airy and light storage piece of furniture to use for just this. In addition, a sideboard only covers a smaller area on the wall than, for example, large shelving systems and the like, which can make the room appear brighter and more spacious.

In addition to our signature oak sideboard that is made to standard sizes, we also make to order according to your measurements and wishes. This allows us to adapt it to your room and possibly your other furniture, so that colors and sizes fit perfectly. Book an appointment if you would like to hear more about our solutions of your upcoming sideboard, or if you would like to see or touch them live.

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large plank table
Skaenk elmetrae 4 sektioner
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plank tables etc. finished 1 scaled - kaerbygaard plank table KÆRBYGÅRD 2020 carpentry - wooden table_ Oak - walnut elm wood
plank tables etc. finished 72 - kaerbygaard plank table KÆRBYGÅRD 2020 carpentry - wooden table_ Oak - walnut elm wood

We are ready to help with your sideboard

If you want something special or you need a unique solution, Kærbygård’s skilled carpenters are ready to help you with your ideas and needs. You are involved from the start when we make a 3D drawing to find the oak sideboard, cabinet or TV piece of furniture that suits you perfectly. You decide everything from dimensions to design, expression and wood.

Kærbygård is owned and run by the Kibæks family 8. and 9th generation who is passionate about high quality carpentry furniture.

Finally come by our showroom in Aarhus, Copenhagen or our farm, carpentry and showroom in Odense for a non-committal talk about your dream furniture. You can also contact us via mail or phone . If you dream of a joinery table ala one of our beautiful plank tables , you can read more about them here and it must be one round table, so look here .

Are you looking for another handmade special furniture , Kærbygård course also help with that. For example, we can color and texture match your sideboard with one vin-reol , one coffee table , or a new one kitchen worktop mv.


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Oak sideboard with four sections

As can be seen in many of our pictures, the most popular choice is an oak sideboard, which is sharp to the other wooden furniture in oak.

We take you by the hand throughout the process and are walnut with 3 or 6 sections better in your home, then we make a solution where quality, design and functionality also work with you.

Tell us what you think and let us guide you further in the process.

Skænk Skaenk 2020 Kærbygård Kaerbygaard
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