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Dining table chairs and bar stools

Get inspired for your next dining table and bar stool. Always in high quality and solid wood at Kærbygård .
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Colors and oils

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Dining table chairs

We offer a little different of delicious chairs that fit your carpentry table or in the natural decor.
METTE from Findahls is a popular Danish-produced dining table chair, which we highly praise. In addition, we also have the %22TULSA%22 dining table chair from JustDesign, which we are also quite fond of.

We have ALWAYS price guarantee on the Mette dining table chairs, contact us if you find the product cheaper, and we will match the price!

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Mette has good seating comfort

At Kærbygård , we love the Mette dining table chairs from Findahls. They fit well on every Kærbygård plank table, are timeless and fit into any home. The chair is a classic dining table chair with a relaxing and good seating comfort for the whole body. The chair is available in separate wicker, fabrics, leather, woods and treatments, so it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.

This classic is a newly interpreted %22A-chair%22 which is shaped after the back and seat, which slides elegantly together with the legs of the chair. The design is originally from architect Carsten Buhl. It provides a streamlined and classic Danish design with timeless features.

METTE is from Findahls Møbelfabrik which we at Kærbygård collaborate with. The furniture manufacturer is rooted in Danish roots and has many years of experience with sustainable products and guarantees the same high quality and standards as Kærbygård .

That is why we will always recommend the Mette dining table chairs in combination with a Kærbygård plank table. Note that the price varies depending on the material and color choice.


See it being made here:

Bar stools

Like our dining table chairs, we also offer bar stools in different types of wood, designs and from several manufacturers. However, it is our BUCH bar stool from Findahls that we most often recommend when buying a bar stool for the interior design at home.

It is a fantastic chair that comes in many colors, woods, two heights, with swivel seat and leather details. It fits perfectly with the home bar, in the kitchen-living room if you have a seat at the kitchen table, or other places that need the pampering of a design classic.

There is also a price match on this product. Can you find it cheaper?
Contact us and we will match the price!

Findahl Buch oak bl scaled
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A design classic after our wooden heart

At Kærbygård, we love the Buch bar stools from Findahls .

The Erik Buch bar stool was designed by architect Erik Buch (1923-1982). It is a light and delicious bar stool that is produced in height 69cm and 77cm. Can be delivered with swivel seat and adjusted in height according to your wishes. The bar stool is available in several types of wood, as well as a painted surface.

Types of wood:
Beech (Soap-treated, oiled, stained, lacquered)
Oak (Soap-treated, oiled, stained, lacquered)
Teak (Oiled, stained, lacquered)
Walnut (Oiled, stained, varnished)


Goal: H69 x W38 x D45 cm.
Seat height: 69 cm.
Seat depth: 31 cm.
Seat width: 37 cm.

Goal: H77 x W40 x D45 cm.
Seat height: 77 cm.
Seat depth: 31 cm.
Seat width: 39 cm.


We have taken a few pictures you can see below.

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