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Kaerbygaard furniture


Want to know more?

If you want to hear more about our furniture, we recommend that you book an appointment.

Want to know more?

If you want to hear more about our furniture, we recommend that you book an appointment.


At Kaerbygaard we make furniture the way it was made in the old days. We can make any furniture according to your wishes, measurements and requirements.

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Choosing and designing carpentry furniture

Designing and manufacturing the correct carpentry furniture that fulfills your dreams and requirements can be a complex affair, and works both on paper and in reality. Most furniture made by hand is unique and it is therefore difficult to relate to what YOUR specific furniture will look like.

At Kaerbygaard , we have been making joinery furniture for many years and know a lot about how the wood develops and how it ends up in your home. In addition, we have both showrooms with beautiful carpentry furniture that you can see, and we have an index with many pictures of previously delivered furniture.

That's why at Kaerbygaard you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you'll get the exact piece of furniture you're dreaming of. In fact, we are so confident that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on the majority of our furniture.

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FAQ about sideboard from Kaerbygaard

What is the difference between a carpenter and machine-made sideboard?

Specifically sideboards and similar complex furniture has a very big difference in the quality and solutions taken when it comes from a machine versus a joiner. This is because the joints, fine adjustments and details in a sideboard must be EXTRA accurate to look nice and sharp. A machine can't do this, and therefore many design choices will be made in a way that the machine can. We don't have that problem at Kaerbygaard. Here, many man-hours go into making a sideboard.

Which type of wood should you choose your sideboard in?

A sideboard from Kaerbygaard can come in both oak, American walnut and Danish elm wood. All wood species are solid and durable. Therefore, simply choose based on the look and feel of the wood. Finally, we recommend giving the sideboard an oil treatment to make it virtually maintenance-free.

What is the process of designing a sideboard?

We recommend that you book time and come by for a non-binding chat in your local showroom. Here, our host will ask about your wishes and needs for your sideboard. Choose, among other things, the number of modules, wood type, expression, offal, any legs, and much more.

How much does a sideboard?

Our sideboards is made by hand according to your wishes and choices. Therefore, the price varies from person to person. However, most combinations cost between DKK 18,000 and DKK 40,000. For this price you get a sideboard which is perfectly adapted for you and that can last for generations.

How to maintain a sideboard?

A sideboard from Kaerbygaard can often be maintained with a damp cloth, as the quality of our sideboards is the highest on the market. On some models, the legs may need to be tightened over time.