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Round table

Find Round tables with or without pull-outs and additional plates. We can make many different quality furniture, also different types of Round tables. Read more about the quality here.


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Kind of table legs

Handmade by joinery: Round table

We produce high-quality carved Round tables with wood from our own forest, but also from abroad, such as reddish American woods.

If you want a Round table, it can be done. Here we can carve it so that there is air between the planks, so that you get a plank table look, or we can do the table in a full-strip joinery, so that it becomes one unified board.

A Round plank table provides a great conversation space where everyone around the table can see and talk to each other. At Kærbygård, we will make your round table to the size and design you want

A good table brings together the whole family and forms the basis for many good times for both small and large families If you need to extend the table to large family compositions, it is also possible to get additional plates in both MDF and the same planks that the table is made of. Our additional plates are 50cm per piece by default which is also the size we recommend. However, we can make additional plates in most sizes, both larger and smaller, in return for an additional benefit – we naturally advise on this.

The skilled carpenters can make a Round plank table to order. Only your imagination sets the limits.

You can read more generally about our plank table here.

Round tables or plank tables?

Not sure whether to go for a Round table or a more traditional plank table? In the gallery you can see pictures of both Round tables and plank tables, and in our online shop you can calculate the prices and see the different options for both your round table or your plank table. Of course, we are also here to help and you are always welcome in one of our showrooms, if you want to see them side by side.

Ready to design and price the perfect round table?


Selection of wood for your round table

On Kaerbygaard we always have a large stock of oven-dried wood. There is a very big difference between the expression in the tree depending on where in the trunk the tree comes from. Therefore, it is important that we find out what you like about the tree so that we can look out the tree that is right for you. Here it is also an opportunity to help select the wood directly at the farm's sawmill. Contact us or drop by one of our showrooms and have a chat about your furniture.

You are there from the start when we make a 3D drawing to find the table that is perfect for you. You decide everything from dimensions to design, expression and tree. We have a large selection of oven-dried wood. The difference in expression varies greatly, depending on where in the trunk the tree comes from. Together with us, you will find the wood that suits you and your round table at our own sawmill.

You also help determine the coating of your round table. If you want to have your wood soap treated, oiled, stained or lacquered, we are available with a large selection of treatments and colours as well as a good talk about maintenance and care. Read more about the tree here.

Hear a little about the choice of oil and table legs:

FAQ on Round table

How much is a Round table?

One Round table can cost between 10,000-30,000 DKK and it depends 100% on the size, woods and choice of table legs and treatments. However, as we make them according to the customer's order, the price can easily move up and down according to your needs and wishes.

What weighs a Round table in oak?

One Round table in oak typically weighs 50-100 kg. This is because we use solid-wood and steel. Therefore, when you order a Round table in oak with Kaerbygaard.

What size can the round table be made in?

Typically, they become Round tables made in Ø120-160cm, but since we make them to order, we can make them exactly as the customer wants.

How to maintain a Round table in oak?

One Round table in oak is maintained exactly like a plank table in oak. It depends, of course, on the specific table, wood and coating, as well as how to treat it in everyday life. Our tables are of the highest quality solid-wood, and can usually be maintained with a damp cloth or periodically a little oil that you get with when buying a Round plank table in oak from Kaerbygaard.