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Walnut table & walnut dining table

Walnut wood is extremely beautiful, so it must be seen and touched. Contact us today to see a walnut table.

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Valuable walnut

The exclusive American walnut is an incredibly beautiful wood for furniture production. Although we at Kærbygård work mostly in the Danish woods, we make many furniture in American walnut. That is why we have established contact with a supplier that provides us with quality first-class planks.

We also have a stock of European and Danish walnut, which, in addition to being lighter than the American, also has a very different expression in the annual notes. If you have fallen for the dark color, we recommend buying a table in American walnut rather than using dark stains and oils, as it is our experience that it is impossible to achieve a result that justifies the real item.

Look past one of our showrooms and experience the beautiful tree.

Try our price calculator for plank tables

It's free, no obligation and gives you a quick glimpse into the price of your dream board.

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Thank you very much for a great piece of craftsmanship and not least fantastic serviceūüĎćūüėČ. We are really happy with the result.

Per Thulstrup

Elm table owner

  • 4-planke snedkerbord | RUSTIK

  • NATUR-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_K√¶rbygaŐärd-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valn√łd_Egetrae_egetr√¶ - 15

    4-plank carpenter table | clean

  • 4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_K√¶rbygaŐärd-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valn√łd_Egetrae_egetr√¶ - 3

    Joinery table in 4 planks 200x93cm with wooden legs | Ready for delivery

  • Round table  4

    Roundtable Oak

  • plank table mm done 19

    Plank table Oak

Build the dream table

Assemble your dream carpentry table below and we will send you relevant pictures of potential tables that suit your wishes.

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The process surraounding the plank table

  1. Choose one or more planks in oak, walnut or elm.
  2. Choose surface treatment. Here you can choose between different varnishes and oils according to your needs and color preference.
  3. Choose between wood and metal table legs. Of course, we try to match the look of the countertop.
  4. Choose a possible supplemental plate or two in colored MDF.

Walnut as a plank table and nuts

You are always welcome to come by our showrooms for  a tour. We promise you will leave with a good experience and a lot of knowledge.




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