Elmwood table

Elmwood is a very luxurious wood species that is difficult to obtain in Denmark. Kærbygård Snedkeri therefore offers a unique product.

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Problematic elm trees

20 years ago the beautiful Danish elm tree was unfortunately plagued by elm sickness. This meant that Danish elm is difficult to obtain today. In the fall of 2017, Pia (8th generation on the farm) attended a party where she met with a farmer from southern Jutland.

It turned out that during the elm sickness he had cut down an entire avenue of Danish elm, which he had since stored in his barn. We were so lucky that the farmer wanted to sell us his stock, which means that today we can offer beautiful solid wood furniture in Danish elm.

Danish elm has a fantastic expression that cannot be compared to american elm. Are you interested in elm wood furniture, eg. a beautiful long table in elm tree, we always recommend a visit to one of our showrooms so you can experience and feel the tree.

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Thank you very much for a great piece of craftsmanship and not least fantastic service????????. We are really happy with the result.

Per Thulstrup

Elmwood table owner

The process around the plank table

  1. Choose one or more planks in oak, walnut or elm.
  2. Choose assault treatment. Here you can choose between different varnishes and oils according to your needs and color preference.
  3. Choose between wood and metal table legs. Of course, we try to match the look of the countertop.
  4. Choose a possible supplemental plate or two in colored MDF.

Immerse yourself in the structure of the elm table

Come by our showroom in Odense or Copenhagen and see some very unique elm trees.



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