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Wine racks – tailored solutions for your home

The best way to store wine is to place them in a wine rack. This also gives you an overview of your wine collection, making choosing the right bottle for your meal an easy task.
Kærbygård makes exclusive wine racks tailored for your needs. We offer built-in wine racks customized to fit into your home.

Many mistakenly believe that wine racks are only suitable for large cellars, where the racks can be installed from floor to ceiling along the walls. Fortunately, this isn’t true and only a few actually have such large basements.
Wine racks can be built anywhere, and their size can be customized according to your needs and the space available. You would be surprised to see what our skilled and experienced craftsmen could do with a small niche or an unused corner in your living room or kitchen.


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We will visit your home to take the necessary measurements and discuss your wishes and requirements. Thereafter we will guide you so that you are thoroughly informed about the available options. This allows you to make the right decisions regarding the wood type and design.

Once we have agreed on a solution that suits you, our skilled carpenters will start constructing the wine rack in our workshop. We stay in contact with you throughout the process and you are, of course, welcome to visit our workshop and follow our progress.
A wine rack is cozy and gives a good atmosphere wherever it is located. You could, e.g., consider placing it in the kitchen or near the dining area for inspiration. If this is not possible, you could utilize your utility room to the fullest by placing the wine rack there.

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