Wooden wine rack

The best way to store wine is to keep the bottles in a wine rack. It also gives the best overview of which wines are in the “collection” – and choose the right bottle to enjoy for a good meal.

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Get full of enthusiasm

At Kærbygård we make exclusive wine racks that can be adapted to your home. We offer to make built-in wine racks that are individually adapted to the place where you want to store your wine collection.

Many people mistakenly believe that wine racks are only suitable for large cellars where wine racks can be mounted on several walls from floor to ceiling. Fortunately, this is not the case – and few people even have such a basement available in their home.

You decide

Wine racks can be built anywhere and the size can be adjusted according to space and needs. If you have a small niche or an unused corner in your living room, kitchen or family room, you will be amazed at what our competent and experienced professionals can do – even in a place where you may not have seen the possibilities yourself.

We come home to you to make the necessary measuring – and hear about your wishes and needs. Then we will guide you so that you are thoroughly informed about the options that can be made at your home. It allows you to make the right decisions about wood and – not least – what design will fit naturally into the surroundings of the wine rack.


Once we have agreed on the solution that suits you, our skilled carpenters will begin designing the wine rack at our carpentry workshop. We are in dialogue with you throughout the process – and of course you are welcome to visit our workshop and follow how the work progresses.


Bring “hygge” inside

A wine rack is cozy – it provides a good atmosphere wherever it is located. It is particularly inspiring to have the wine rack in the immediate vicinity of the place where the food is to be consumed – or as a source of inspiration during cooking, which is why a location in the kitchen / dining room is also perfect. If this is not possible in terms of space, a free space in an aisle or a brewer can be utilized optimally with an exclusive built-in wine rack.


Design your wine rack in wood

We look forward to hearing about your ideas.