Indoor edition of the 4-plank joinery table

Our brand new range of 4-plank joinery tables is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We adjust the surface treatment as needed and can therefore give it extra hardness for wear, wind and outdoors weather. This allows you to get a natural and unique carpenter’s table, which binds nature and indoor areas together, which can create a cozy and exclusive space in the house.

The planks are of the highest quality that we can guarantee 100%.

Amongst other things, some beautiful brass details have been made between the planks, which gives a refined look and at the same time holds the four planks.

The indoor version shown in the picture invites a Nordic design and a carpenter-quality table into your home.

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Clean or rustic?

We make both indoor and outdoor tables in two versions, one clean and one rustic. There is a smaller price difference, but other than that, it is a matter of taste what one is for.


The version we call “clean” is with few or no grains or games. It gives a very clean expression which is calm and timeless.


The rustic usually has a bit more play and creases. It gives a lot of life and tells a story in the wood. Often the years will also be more prominent and there will be more nuance in the expression and the tones.

Some want a calm and timeless surface, while others want life, games and history. So it is a matter of taste which one you should choose.

Calculate the price for both a clean and rustic table below.

Design and practicality

We have designed the table so that it can work for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the oil used to treat it with and the wood selected. The wood for indoor use is oven-dried, whereas the wood for the outdoor version is air-dried. Therefore, you have to choose whether you want it for indoor or outdoor use.

For the indoor edition we have provided a beautiful oiling that lasts for a long time.

In addition, the four planks allow for some tight design lines, as can be seen in the image below. Here the table follows the middle line all the way down through the table legs, which are made in the same tree and the same treatment. It creates a minimalist and Nordic look.

4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 12

Colours and sizes

As a starting point, both the indoor and outdoor tables are offered in a dark and neutral oil, i.e. two colors. However, you can always talk to us if you, for example, want a darker oil, light pigmented or a surface  treatment with smoke. We have the possibility to make the table in the same colors as our other joinery tables, both for indoor and outdoor use.


We offer the joinery table in 93 cm width, which is our most common size and which fits most needs. The height is 73 cm, which is common, but can be adjusted. You choose the length yourself when ordering. If you want other dimensions we can also handle this. Please contact us for another size.

Sustainable tables

We make many REALLY large tables in wide planks, but not all oak trees come in the thick trunks. In addition, there will also be a naturally greater waste if the planks are so large. That is why we are launching this 4-plank table, which maintains the same high quality, but favors sustainability even more and which reduces wastage in the joinery. The quality of the wood is exactly the same as you know from Kærbygård.

STOR-size-indendoers-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Egetrae_egetræ - 7
STOR-size-indendoers-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Egetrae_egetræ - 7


Marke: Kærbygård
Series: Indoor and outdoor joinery tables
Product type: Indoor and outdoor joinery tables
Materials: Wood, possibly steel, aluminum and brass. We primarily use oak from local sustainable forest.
Colour: We recommend neutral-oiled or dark-oiled oak as shown in the pictures. However, we can customize the colors to your wishes, so contact us for another oil treatment or smoke treatment. For example, smoke, dark or black, natural, neutral, or light pigmented.
Hight: Standard, however, can be customized to your needs. Contact us and hear more.
Length: Varies
Width: 93 cm

We have taken a few pictures you can see below. Click on them to see the full size image.

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the particular wood and terms chosen. Oak is a natural material, which means that it cannot be “ordered” according to how many cuttings or games there are in the tree.

In addition, the carpenter must have time to process the table, and there are various drying times on both the wood and the oil to be observed. We therefore take a dialogue on the specific delivery time for your joinery, depending on our inventory and customization options.

Therefore, expect approx. 2-8 weeks delivery time as a starting point.

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