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Plank table in elm wood

Elm wood is a very luxurious type of wood, which is difficult to obtain in Denmark. Kærbygård Snedkeri therefore offers a unique product. Most of our wood comes from local forestry and forestry around the old Danish estates and castles.


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Problematic elm trees provide unique plank tables

20 years ago, the beautiful Danish elm tree was unfortunately plagued by elm disease. This has meant that Danish elm is difficult to obtain today. In the autumn of 2017, Pia (8th generation on the farm) participated in a party where she talked to a farmer from southern Jutland.

It turned out that during the elm disease he had felled an entire avenue of Danish elm, which he had since stored in his barn. We were so lucky that the farmer wanted to sell us his stock, which means that today we can offer delicious solid wood furniture in Danish elm wood

Danish elm has a fantastic game, which can not be compared to American elm. Are you interested in elm wood furniture, e.g. a beautiful long table in elm wood, we always recommend a visit to one of our showrooms, so you can experience and feel the wood.

You can read more in general about our plank table here .

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Elm wood tables: table top and legs

Finally, you need to choose which table legs you would like for your elm wood table. Precisely because we have a strong focus on individual design, you order the elm wood table top and the table legs separately. We have a large selection of different types of table legs – both in wood and steel, as well as in different colors and designs.

We believe that you must be able to see that our tables are made of natural wood, and therefore it must also be clear that each table is unique – so whether you are mostly for a streamlined table or want something very special, is up for you. Therefore, you also have many options for adapting the plank table in elm wood to your specific needs.

Are you ready to design one table in elm wood ? Choose either one elm tree plank shed or one around table in elm wood . We have made it possible to calculate the price completely without obligation while you are designing. Enjoy!

The process: from elm wood to plank table

The process starts by going out into the woods and choosing the most promising trees. The selected elm trees are then felled, and before they become a table top, they are run through a thorough drying process – first outside, then in the drying oven. This process is done to ensure that the table does not split when it acclimatizes to your home.

Only the best or most special planks are selected to become table tops. Here you can take part in the selection of the planks we need for your elm wood table. Our planks all have different expressions, so all elm wood tables from Kærbygård completely unique.


Thank you so much for an absolutely super accomplished piece of craftsmanship and not least absolutely fantastic service. We are really happy with the result.

Per Thulstrup

Elmwood table owner

Hear a little about the choice of oil and table legs:

Plank table in 1-4 planks


Bordben materiale

Tillægsplader MDF

Læs mere om plankeborde i 1-4 planker og se inspiration her.

Round plank table


Bordben materiale

Tillægsplader (MDF)

Læs mere om runde plankeborde og se inspiration her.

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FAQ about plank table in elm wood

What does an elm wood table cost?

An elm wood table can cost anywhere between 10,000-40,000 DKK, but is usually around 20-35,000 DKK. It depends on the choice of planks: 1, 2, or 3 pieces, choice of length and width and the table legs. We make plank tables in elm wood exactly according to our customers’ wishes on order, so that the price is reflected in the customer’s choice.

What does an elm wood table weigh?

An elm table can easily weigh 80-100 kg or more. That is why we are always responsible for delivery, handling and installation at the customer’s address, so that everything runs flawlessly and no damage is done to the table.

What size can an elm wood table be made in?

All sizes you decide. At Kærbygård design your own table in elm, and can therefore get the size, type of wood and treatment you want.

How is an elm table maintained?

A walnut table from Kærbygård can often simply be maintained with a damp cloth, as the quality of our solid wood furniture is the highest on the market. However, there will periodically be a need for a bit of wood oil which we supply together with the plank table in elm wood in question.

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Plankebord i elmetrae 2021 kaerbygaard 2021 med udtryk og 2 tillaegsplader inkl mette spisebordsstole 5 scaled
Plankebord i elmetrae 2021 kaerbygaard 2021 med udtryk og 2 tillaegsplader inkl mette spisebordsstole 1
plank tables etc. finished 1 scaled - kaerbygaard plank table KÆRBYGÅRD 2020 carpentry - wooden table_ Oak - walnut elm wood
plank tables etc. finished 72 - kaerbygaard plank table KÆRBYGÅRD 2020 carpentry - wooden table_ Oak - walnut elm wood

Choose right when choosing plank table in elm

There are many options when making plank tables in elm wood from a carpenter. You are allowed to choose planks, height, length, width, edge, sorting, oiling, legs … you probably understand what we mean …

In the video, Henrik Kibæk, who is a co-owner and 9th generation on the farm, talks about the choices you have to think through.


At Kærbygård , we have various carpenters in the staff, including furniture, machine and building carpenters. Our skilled staff means that we can handle all design tasks, whether you want a simple or extraordinary plank table.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal talk – we have the staff and professionalism that can help with your plank table.

The process for elm wood plank tables

Once your elm table top has been designed and manufactured, you have the opportunity to decide how the surface treatment of the table should be. We have several different treatment methods – we primarily use oil treatments to give the tables the color you want.

As elm wood has a natural glow, we always recommend a neutral or natural colored oil. These oils highlight the natural colors of the plank table, and make the planks appear exclusive and inviting.

Rundt plankebord i elmetrae 2021 kaerbygaard 2021 med udtryk og 2 tillaegsplader inkl mette spisebordsstole 3 1 scaled

The process around the elm wood plank table

  1. Choose one or more planks in oak, walnut or elm.
  2. Select assault treatment. Here you can choose between different varnishes and oils according to your needs and color desire.
  3. Choose between wood and metal table legs. We are of course trying to match the look of the tabletop.
  4. Choose an optional add-on board or two in solid-colored MDF. By default, they measure the table width x 50 cm.

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Immerse yourself in the structure of the elm table

Come by our showroom in Odense, Aarhus or Copenhagen and see something completely unique elm tree.



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