Woodden table legs

A table leg in either matching wood or black wood in the same variety can give a very beautiful expression. It extends the natural shapes and colors of the table to the floor, and can make a carpenter’s table look even more exclusive.

At Kærbygård we can even make the table legs in the same wood and oiled as the table top, which can give a really nice expression.

Wooden table legs have an additional price of 500, – per. table board.

Table legs in steel

Steel table legs are timeless, do not fade and you should not worry as much about marks and scratches from, for example, the vacuum cleaner. It can give an incredibly nice expression to the carpenter’s table. We offer steel table legs in almost all colors and shades, but our most popular are cross legs with black or chrome color.

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Choose right the first time

It can be a bit of a jungle to find out what kind of wood, surface treatment and finished look you want with your new carpenter furniture.

There can be very big differences in how the final tree looks, for example, if you choose walnut rather than oak.

– In addition, the tree can be affected in different directions, depending on the treatment given.

Therefore, here are just a few good tips for choosing between the most typical types of wood and surface treatments.

Surface-treatment oak

Oak wood can vary greatly in expression and when oil is added to the wood these variations can really bloom. Therefore, oak can be nurtured towards almost any expression you want.

Dark and smoked oiled oak

Nature oiled oak

White pigmented and neutral oiled oak

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1farveproeve eg 2020
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Surface treatment walnut

Walnut ALWAYS comes in our natural oil. In this way, we can create the deep reddish color that walnut is known for, with both little or no play.

Choose right with both wood type and surface treatment Generally, there is no surface treatment or wood type that holds up better than the others.

As a starting point, we also recommend choosing for taste and pleasure.

Bring an expert to the table

Should we find an expression that fits your home and in the surroundings where the furniture should stand, feel free to include some pictures in our showroom :-)

For example, we are looking at whether the room where the furniture should stand can carry the dark shades purely light-wise. The more natural light, the darker one will be able to choose the surface treatment.

HOWEVER, we also recommend that if it is in MUCH direct sunlight, it would also be advisable to use a lighter and less pigmented oil for surface treatment, as constant sunlight can sun-patinate the furniture. For this reason, one should want a neutral or natural colored oil.

7234 RGB
7261 RGB

Lacquer, oil or smoke?

As mentioned, we offer both oil and smoke, but should you burn to treat your board with varnish, we also have the opportunity. Varnishes can make the surfaces more mirror-smooth and hardy, but can also cause a little more maintenance problems as it is more difficult to finish at home.

As a starting point, we therefore recommend one of the other two solutions.

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