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Sidewalks have once again found their place in the home

Many people probably remember sideboards from their parents or grandparents home. For a while , these sideboards slipped into oblivion – but this is no longer the case…

The sideboard is once again popular in Danish homes. It may be related to the tendency that we appreciate low furniture that does not cover the entire wall – we want our home to look open and bright.

In addition to our sideboard – which is manufactured in standard dimensions – we also manufacture sideboards completely according to your wishes. Thus we can make sure that your sideboard has exactly the dimensions that fit your living room.

You also choose how your sideboard should be arranged. We all have different storage needs, which is why you can choose how your sideboard should be arranged in the form of shelves and drawers.

No matter how you want your sideboard designed, we make sure that your sideboard is made so that all visible veins are continuous. This gives a solid and finished look.

Traditionally, a sideboard is hung on the wall, but not everyone wants that solution. In many homes, the decor is constantly changing due to the size of the family, the age of the children and other family circumstances.

That’s why we also supply sideboards with mounted legs. It gives the same light and airy impression as a suspended sideboard, but gives greater freedom of movement when remodeling – and does not leave ugly holes in the wall when the desire for rerouting occurs.



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