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When a carpenter’s furniture is not just a piece of furniture. Generations will benefit from your Kærbygård furniture.

Solid wood furniture is a matter of confidence

Solid wood furniture places great demands on quality, and there are some basic conditions that need to be in place to ensure that the furniture can last for generations. We’ve compiled some great tips for maintaining your wood furniture below.

Kærbygård’s manufacture of solid wood furniture:

  1. Wood, which is suitable for furniture, is selected in the woods – the rest goes to wood chips or firewood
  2. The wood is properly air-dried with patience
  3. The wood is oven-dried for indoor use
  4. The wood is acclimated before processing begins
  5. The furniture is manufactured in heated rooms by professionals
  6. When the furniture is finished, it is stored in heated rooms
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Make the most of your furniture

At Kærbygård, our family has been producing quality products in many different forms since 1748. Today we have agriculture and carpentry. In the carpentry we have chosen to handle all processes ourselves. We even pick the trees in the Funen forests and cut them up to planks. Then the long drying process starts – first in the open air and then in the drying oven.

Hear more in the videos:

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“Fantastisk håndværk.




Perfekt rådgivning og er fuldstændig tryg. Glæder mig til at modtage det smukkeste langbord.




Faglig kompetent behandling samt høj autencitet med produktion, udstilling og salg i samme bygning. bare rigtiggodt.





When the tree is ready, it is acclimatized in our workshop before the carpenters get the pleasure of working with it. In the joinery we have many competencies to span as wide as possible. (Furniture joiner, machine joiner, joiner, designer, carpenter)

When the furniture is finished, it is stored without exception in one of our heated barns before returning it to the customer.

Family owned farm with character

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Popular solutions

Solid wood furniture is very popular today, and many are made in various grades. Therefore, it is important that you settle on yourself, what you expect from the furniture and what it must cost. At Kærbygård we strive to produce furniture of the best quality on the market, and therefore we are not the cheapest on the market.

We encourage everyone who is looking for solid wood furniture to visit the workshop where it is manufactured, to be sure of unpleasant surprises. (If possible, use the above 6 items as a checklist).


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