Find dit næste plankebord hos Kærbygård på Fyn

Production of solid wood furniture demands expert workmanship. To ensure the furniture piece can last for generations, basic production rules must be followed.

The production process at Kærbygård is as follows:
1. Wood suitable for furniture production is selected and cut in the forest. Surplus wood from the production is turned into firewood
2. The wood is air dried
3. The wood is kiln dried for indoor use
4. The wood is acclimatized before further processing
5. The furniture piece is constructed by professionals in heated rooms
6. After production, the furniture piece is stored in heated rooms


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Kærbygård has made quality furniture since 1748. Today, our farm makes a living from agriculture and woodworking. We handle the production ourselves from start to finish – from selecting and cutting the trees in the forests of Funen to drying the wood in the open and later in a kiln and then making furniture out of it.
There are many skilled hands in our workshop - e.g., furniture makers, woodworkers, joiners, and carpenters - which is also the reason why our competencies range widely.
After production ends, the furniture piece is stored in a heated storage room before being shipped to the customer.

Solid wood furniture is very popular today and produced in many different qualities. Therefore, you must reflect on what you expect from the furniture piece and what you are willing to pay for it. At Kærbygård, we strive to deliver to the best quality in the market. Consequently, our furniture is not the cheapest in the market.

We encourage everyone who is looking for a solid wood furniture piece to visit the workshop where the production takes place. By seeing and feeling the furniture, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.