TULSA dining table chair | Several variants

At Kærbygård, we love the TULSA dining table chairs from JUSTdesign.

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We offer this dining table chair in almost all fabrics and colours. Contact us for other options.

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Tulsa Dining Table Chair: JustDesign | Leather, textile or velour


We have the opportunity to find exactly the combination of chairlegs and fabrics that you need. Contact us to order other combinations.

The TULSA chair from JustDesign is classic, refined and goes well with any piece of furniture in wood, for example a joinery table from Kærbygård. It has a high sitting comfort, solid armrests and a medium size back so it can be used over a long period of time.


At Kærbygård, it is especially popular in leather, in the colors “cognac” and “black”, but also the velour colors a joinery table. There are almost endless possibilities for choosing fabrics and colors for this chair, and we help you finding the COMPLETELY right one. In addition, it is available with different legs, including regular, square, and legs on wheels, which can be used for the office, for example. Here, too, there are many opportunities, and we are happy to help.

Brand: JustDesign
Product type: Dining chair
Materials: Mixed
Colour: Leather, textile or velour in several colours
Size:The chair is 86cm high in the backrest, 57 cm wide and 44.5 cm deep. The seat height is 50 cm above the ground and the armrests are 67 cm


Delivery time

Expected delivery time of about 4-8 weeks.

The Kærbygård team is of course available with guidance and servicing so you can get both chairs and plank table to fit together.
Read more about our quality and wood here. You can also see our other dining chairs here.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 57 × 86 cm
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