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Coaster Square – 4 pcs | NARV-denmark

NARV-denmark Coasters is made in full-grain leather

Coaster square – 4 pcs | NARV-denmark

Coaster – Square
NARV-denmark Coasters is in full-grain leather. A must-have for drinks, wine glasses, coffee or the snack bowl. Coaster – Square measures 10 x 10 cm and is treated with NARV Denmark Natural Leather Grease.


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Brand: NARV-denmark
Series: Coaster Square
Producttype: Coaster
Material: Natural læder
Colour: Natur
Size: 10 x 10 cm

At Kærbygård we love all the beautiful and sustainable leather products from NARV Denmark. They are really good for any Kærbygård plank table or other carpenter furniture in natural materials, which are timeless and fit in every home. The leather products are classic with a design language from Danish and Nordic style. They offer both luxury leather for the chef, the cooker and the guest. The products are sustainable and vegetable tanned, and are thus not post-dyed and added to the unnecessary chemicals of the world. This also ensures a natural life for the products and beautiful patina when used. The leather comes from Grambogård on Funen, where sustainable and good natural conditions for the cows are paramount. Among other things, it is important that all parts of a slaughtered cow can be used in different products and foods, so that there is as little waste as possible.

  • NARV Denmark lives a sustainable lifestyle and incorporates social responsibility into their work. We at Kærbygård Carpentry would like to support this

Good service

Kærbygård is of course available with guidance and service so you can make both leather products and joinery furniture fit together.Expected delivery time around 1-3 weeks.

Read more about our quality and read about the tree at Kærbygård here.

Additional information

Dimensions2.7 × 5 cm
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