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Indoor joinery table in RUSTIC sorting. Read more about indoor 4-plank oak tables and see inspiration HER.




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Indoor 4-plank joinery table in oak | RUSTIC

At Kærbygård you will find this exclusive outdoor oak table, handmade by experienced carpenters in your own workshop. An oak table from us is made from the best trees. An oak table gives you a natural and robust look – and with us you have the opportunity to adapt the table so that it fits perfectly with your outdoor decor.

???? These are joinery tables that maintain the same high quality that can be enjoyed for generations.

Our brand new series of 4-plank joinery tables is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We adapt the surface treatment according to the need, and can therefore give it an extra hardness for wear, wind and weather outdoors. Thus, you can get a naturally unique carpentry table, which binds nature and indoor areas together, and which can create a cozy and exclusive space in the house.

Among other things, some beautiful brass details have been made between the planks, which gives a refined look and at the same time holds the four planks.

* However, we do not recommend that you use the indoor table outside or vice versa, as the oil ring is not made for it. Therefore remember to choose whether it should be the indoor or outdoor version you want when ordering :-)

Clean or rustic?

We make both the indoor and outdoor table in two versions, one clean and one rustic. There is a slight price difference, but other than that, it’s a matter of taste what you are for.

CLEAN – The version we call “clean” is with few or no knots or games. It gives a very clean expression, which is calm and timeless.

RUSTIC – The rustic version usually has a little more play and knots. It gives a lot of life and tells a story in the tree. Often the years will also be more prominent, and there will be more nuance in the expression and tones. Some want a calm and timeless surface, while others want life, games and history. It is therefore a matter of taste which one should choose.

When ordering on this page, you will subsequently be contacted so that we can get closer to your wishes for wood and expression. Therefore, the wood will be specially selected for you, so you get exactly the look you dream of.

You are of course always welcome in our showrooms or carpentry at Kærbygård, where you can see the whole process from wood to a finished piece of furniture.

Colours and sizes

As a starting point, both the indoor and outdoor tables are offered in a dark and neutral oil, ie two colors. However, you can always contact us if, for example, you want a darker oil, light pigmented or, for example, treatment with smoke. We have the opportunity to make the table in the same colours as our other carpentry tables, both for indoor and outdoor use.

We offer the carpentry table in 93 cm width, which is our most common size and which fits most needs. You choose the length when ordering. The height is 73 cm. If you want other dimensions, we can also handle this, contact us for another size.


Brand: Kærbygård
Series: Indoor & outdoor joinery tables.
Product type: Indoor & outdoor joinery tables.
Materials: Wood, possibly steel, aluminum and brass. We primarily use oak from local sustainable forest.
Colour: We recommend neutral oiled or dark oiled oak as shown in the pictures. However, we can customize the colors as desired, so contact us for another oil refill or smoke treatment. For example, smoke, dark or black, natural, neutral, or light pigmented.
Hight: Standard 73 cm, however, can be adapted to your needs. Contact us and hear more.
Length:Varies according to your choices. Width: 93 cm

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the wood in question and the expression chosen. Oak is a natural material, which means that it can not be “ordered” according to how many knots or games must be in the wood.
In addition, the carpenter must have time to treat the table, and there are different drying times on both the wood and the oil that must be observed.

We therefore take a dialogue about the specific delivery time for your carpentry table, depending on our inventory and customization options.

Therefore expect approx. 2-8 weeks delivery time as a starting point.


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Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 300 × 93 × 73 cm

140 CM, 160 CM, 180 CM, 200 CM, 220 CM, 240 CM, 260 CM, 280 CM, 300 CM

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