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Oak table in 4 planks

The perfect plank table if you want razor-sharp details, the highest quality on the market and a plank table you don’t see at a neighboring shop. We have gathered beautiful pictures and information about this new type of plank table right here.


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satisfaction Guarantee

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Handmade plank table that combines quality, tight design and impressive details

Our brand new series of 4-plank joinery tables is designed with an eye for tight refined edges, a delicious natural surface and long life. Thus, you can get a naturally unique carpentry table, which connects nature and indoor areas, and which can create a cozy and exclusive space in the house.

The planks are in the very high quality that Kærbygård carpentry is known for.

Among other things, some beautiful ones have been made brass details between the planks, which gives a refined look and at the same time keeps the four planks exactly where they need to be.

The carpentry table in oak which is shown in the picture below, invites to lots of cosiness, a Nordic design language and carpentry quality.

Visit the online store – find the perfect one plank table with 1-4 planks here.

STOR-size-indendoers-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Egetrae_egetræ - 8

Clean or rustic? And what color?

We make the plank table in exactly the look you want, whether it is clean or rustic. Are you into knots, games and natural movement? Or should it be completely clean and free of knots? You are free to choose from all the types of oiling which Kærbygård offers. This allows you to get a very different look in the wood, depending on whether the table should retain its natural shades or be adapted with colors and other pigmentation.



The version we call %22clean%22 is with few or no knots or games. It gives a lot rent expression that is calm and timeless.



The rustic usually has a little more play and knobs. It gives a lot of life and tells a story in the tree. Often the years will also be more prominent, and there will be more nuance in the expression and tones.

Some want a calm and timeless surface, while others want life, games and history. So there is one taste which one should choose.
We send pictures regularly with suggestions for planks and expressions, so you can choose exactly the expression you want.

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Bordben materiale

Tillægsplader MDF

Læs mere om plankebord og se inspiration her.

Design and internship

We have designed the table so that it will work for any occasion and in all homes and interiors. The wood for indoor use is oven dried , cut, sanded and refined by our carpenters, and finally we surface treat the table.

On this oak plank table we have provided a delicious oiling that lasts for a long time.

In addition, the four planks allow for some tight design lines, which can be seen in the picture below, for example. Here the table follows the middle line all the way down through the table legs, which are made of the same wood and the same treatment.
It creates a minimalist and Nordic look.

4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 12


We offer the joinery table in 93 cm width , which is our most common size and which fits most needs. The height is 73 cm as standard, but can be adjusted.
If you want a different width, this is not a problem either. We put together the planks that suit your needs.

You choose the length when ordering. If you want other dimensions, we can also handle this, contact us for another size.


Here it simply applies that it must be oil treated as needed. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about oil or treatment.

4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-four-plankbord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 5



Feel : Kærbygård carpentry
Series : 4-plank joinery table
Product type : Indoor carpentry table in oak and 4 planks.
Material : Wood, possibly steel, aluminum and brass. We primarily use oak from local sustainable forest.
Color : We recommend neutral oiled or dark oiled oak as shown in the pictures. However, we can customize the colors as desired, so contact us for another oil refill or smoke treatment. For example, smoke, dark or black, natural, neutral, or light pigmented.
Height : Typically 73 cm, but you choose yourself.
Length : Varies according to your choices.
Width : Typically about 93 cm, but you choose yourself.


delivery time

Delivery time depends on the wood in question and the expression chosen. Oak is a natural material, which means that it can not be %22ordered%22 according to how many knots or games must be in the wood.
In addition, the carpenter must have time to treat the table, and there are different drying times on both the wood and the oil that must be observed.

We therefore take a dialogue about the specific delivery time for your carpentry table, depending on our inventory and customization options.

Therefore expect approx. 2-8 weeks delivery time as a starting point.

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