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Table legs & surface treatment

We have collected pictures of different table legs and surface treatments, so you can better choose the right match.

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Table legs in wood

A table leg in either matched wood or black wood from the same variety can give a very beautiful look. It extends the table’s natural shapes and colors down to the floor, and can make a carpentry table appear even more exclusive.

Table legs make a big visual difference to one plank dining table , such as a oak table . You can choose some strong legs that will give the table a rustic look, or you can choose a lighter version for a simpler expression.

All our wooden leg solutions are made at our own carpentry. Here we have to a large extent considered functionality in everyday life. This means that we get our blacksmith to make our special fittings so that the construction under the table is as light and strong as possible. Of course, these solutions are not something you see in everyday life, but you feel it.

At Kærbygård , we can even make the table legs in the same wood and oiled as the table top, which can give a really nice look.

Wooden table legs have an additional price of 500, – pr. joinery table.

Wooden legs are the natural choice

For many, wooden table legs are the most natural choice when choosing table legs. Wooden table legs give the plank table a complete natural look, as the legs are in the same matching material as the table top.

We can easily make table legs in the same type of wood as your table top, but if you want a different type of wood for your table legs, this can of course also be done.

Do you want to see how much your table will cost in total incl. table top and legs, you can try our price calculator.

Steel table legs

Baseboards for plank tables can also be made of metal. Our steel legs are widely used for our tables because a plank table with steel legs exudes modernity and elegance. Here it is our skilled blacksmith, Nikolai, who comes on the field. Just as the degree of quality in carpentry varies greatly, so does it in blacksmithing. That is why we always recommend that you look past one of our showrooms, so that you have the opportunity to see and feel the quality.

We always have a number of standard legs that you can see in our showroom. They are available in two different heights, so we are sure to hit the right table height for your table.

Steel table legs are timeless, do not fade and you do not have to worry so much about marks and scratches from, for example, the vacuum cleaner. It can give an incredibly beautiful look to the joinery table.

We offer steel table legs in almost all colors and shades, but our most popular are cross legs with black or chrome color.

We make steel legs for all kinds of tables

Steel table legs are incredibly robust and therefore particularly suitable for large and heavy plank tables. However, our blacksmith can make steel legs in all sizes and shapes – it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

So you can get just the metal legs you want, whether it is a small, large, square or round plank table that you order.


Need help?

Need help choosing table legs or surface treatment?

We also manufacture special solutions

If you have another wish for table legs, we make a 3D drawing before we start it, so that you have the opportunity to visualize the solution before it is manufactured. Because we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions, you will not find cheap table legs for plank tables here. Quality and price go hand in hand, and we are proud of our handmade tables and table legs, which are made from scratch every time.

Find your next steel leg for plank table or wooden table with us.

Choose right the first time

It can be a bit of a jungle of figuring out what kind of wood, surface treatment and finish expression you want with your new carpentry furniture.

There can be very big differences in what the final wood looks like if, for example, you choose walnut over oak.

– In addition, the wood can be affected in different directions, depending on the treatment given.

Here are just a few good tips to choose from the most typical woods and finishes.

Surface treatment oak

Oak can vary greatly in expression, and when oil is added to the wood, these variations can really flourish. Therefore, oak can be nurtured towards almost any expression one desires.

Like walnut wood, oak is also solid and very durable. It has a natural play in the yellow-brown shades

We usually look at the unique piece of wood and then come up with recommendations for which will work best in terms of color and play, but if you want a very dark or light plank, then it can usually be done.

In addition to oils, we also like to smoke the wood in a special oven, which creates some more gray shades in dark tones. It gives a super nice dark piece of furniture!

Here are the most popular surface treatments:

Dark and smoky oiled oak

Natural-oiled oak

White pigmented and neutral-oiled oak

1farveproeve hvid eg 2020.png
1farveproeve eg 2020
plank table whitish shade
IMG E1023 scaled

Surface treatment walnut and elm wood

Walnut and elm wood ALWAYS come in our natural oil.

Walnut is a solid wood that gets especially a warm-brownish and more exotic colors. The type of wood can in theory be affected in the color of the wood, a little to the same extent as, for example, beech and oak, but is generally not something we recommend, as it does not absorb it as nicely.

At Kærbygård , the walnut furniture therefore ALWAYS comes with a natural oil, which resp. gives a more reddish or reddish-brown appearance to the wood.

For elm wood, the same conditions apply. Elm wood has a more brownish than reddish tinge, and can have large shade differences from plank to plank.

Choose richly with both wood type and surface treatment

In general, there is no surface treatment or type of wood that lasts better than the others.

As a starting point, we therefore recommend choosing according to taste and pleasure.

Bring an expert to the table

Should we find an expression that suits your home and in the surroundings where the furniture should stand, you are welcome to take some pictures with us in our showroom :-)

For example, we look at whether the room where the furniture is to stand can carry the dark shades in terms of light. The more natural light, the darker you will be able to choose the surface treatment.

However, we also recommend that if it is in VERY direct sunlight, it would also be recommended to take a lighter and less pigmented oil for surface treatment, as constant sunlight can sun-patinate the furniture. For this you should therefore want a neutral or natural colored oil.


Now you have on both table legs and oils, the next step is to find the perfect one table , plank table or round table .

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7261 RGB

Varnish, oil or smoke?

As mentioned, we offer both oil and smoke, but should you burn to treat your plank table with varnish, we also have the option. Varnish can make the surfaces more mirror-smooth and hardy, but can also cause a little more problems with maintenance, as it is more difficult to finish at one’s own home.

We therefore recommend one of the other two solutions as a starting point.

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