We invite you to an open house at Kærbygård


Are you looking for the PERFECT joinery table, or could it just be fun to get behind the scenes at a real carpentry where craftsmanship and quality are the focus?

Then this is the perfect day for you!

We open the whole farm so you can see more than +100 joiners’ tables that our carpenters made this spring, during the corona shutdown.

You can enter our wood warehouse, workshop, preparation room, engine room, showroom and furniture carpentry. We have collected some pictures from the last open house below.

Natur-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 7

Different tables for different desires

Everyone has different wishes for their upcoming joiner’s table, which is why we have made the tables in different sizes, expressions and shapes. -For example, one can see the big difference in the expression of a rustic and a cleantable. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see our 2-plank, 3-plank and the new 4-plank table next to each other.

Calculate the price for a clean or rustic plank table below. 

Press the version you want to calculate a price for.

4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 12


– Of course, we follow ALL the directions of the authorities. Fortunately, our premises span more than 800 square meters, so there will be a good opportunity to keep distance etc. In addition, we continuously sanitize and make sure to guide people if there are too many gathered of too few square meters. We therefore make every effort to have access to everyone who is interested in carpenter furniture, without having to worry.

Visit Kærbygård the 4.-5. July 2020

We look forward to welcoming you! See you at Kærbygård ???? Sincerely Familien Kibæk

STOR-size-indendoers-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Egetrae_egetræ - 7
  • plank table mm done 19

    Plank table Oak

  • Bog katalog brochure juni2020 Kaerbygaard Kærbygård snedkeri 2020 Juni Elm Valnoed valnød Egetrae egetræ 5 scaled


  • valnoeddebord 04 1 scaled

    Plank table Walnut

  • Round table  4

    Roundtable Oak

  • plank table mm done 18

    Plank table smoked Oak

  • shelving systems 2020 more colours

    Shelving System | Nature oak

NATUR-4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 16

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4planker-4plankebord-udendoers-outdoor-indoor-indendoers-fire-plankebord-snedkerbord_juni2020_Kaerbygaard_Kærbygård-snedkeri_2020_Juni_Elm_Valnoed_valnød_Egetrae_egetræ - 2
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