Odeon is Odense’s new music and theater house, located in the center of Odense. Here we have had the pleasure of designing and producing the city stage, which is used daily by the citizens of Odense. The stage is sponsored by the Albani Foundation. In addition to the stage we have produced tables, wine racks and various shelves which today adorn Odeon.

We thank you for your good cooperation.

Thoughts on design and functionality

We were tasked with producing a stage that could have several features in the house. At the same time we would like to make something noticable when you enter the beautiful foyer.

We have used oak from Funen, which is stained and varnished to fit the exclusive expression. We’ve chosen small brass details to fit in with Odeon’s gold theme. In the middle of the stage we placed Odeon’s logo, which is made of stainless steel and brass. The stainless steel forms a natural transition to the world’s largest Le Klint lamp, which hangs over the stage.

The stage can be separated into 17 elements, which can be used as benches and small islands around the foyer. In its execution, we thought about the small details. When the stage is assembled, the grain structure runs from the middle into the outer elements of the same piece of wood.

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