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Below you see pictures of the farm and family members in ancient times as well as pictures of the farm’s latest generations and current employees. Our staff consists of i.a. of furniture, machine and building carpenters, and their combined competencies mean that we can handle all conceivable carpentry tasks.

We have also gathered useful knowledge about the wood we use and how our quality differs from the others.

Trees planted


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Our farm

At Kærbygård we specialize in carpentry. We can make everything from plank dining tables, shelves, stairs to wine cellars – it is only the imagination that sets the limit. While we are constantly looking to develop new ideas for quality wood furniture, we are also open to working with you on your wishes and needs. We see a joy in developing unique furniture, where design and the good carpentry work go up in a higher unit.

Hear more in the video below:


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271-year-old family farm has hit the gold rush with furniture joinery in the barn

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271-year-old family farm has hit the gold rush with furniture joinery in the barn

Our options

While we are constantly looking to develop new ideas for quality wood furniture, we are also open to working with you on your wishes and needs. We see a joy in developing unique furniture, where design and the good carpentry work go up in a higher unit.

That is why we are also happy to enter into a collaboration with interior designers or designers to deliver exactly the furniture you dream of. We focus on the detail, the good raw material and the exclusive expression, while we guarantee quality in our work.

We have collected some beautiful pictures and the selection of our carpentry furniture and plank tables on the front, from here you can immerse yourself in beautiful craftsmanship.


The stick that went through generations

STOK Mangler Ejer 3

To our open house d. On 23 February 2020, a married couple came by with a Kærbygård cane, which the 6th generation %22Peter%22 made in the 1930s.

Despite the fact that the cane had been used for generations, the cane was in such usual good condition and quality here a century later that the couple believed that Kærbygård should have the practical treasure standing, as a symbol of the high quality our name and wooden furniture stands for.

So when we say that we make products that can go through generations, we mean it!

Many thanks to the couple who came by with both a cane and a good story.

The tree

Come with Kærbygård a walk in the woods and find out why our wooden furniture is something special.

Trees planted


Not surprisingly, it all starts in the woods

Kærbygård has been owned by the family since 1748. This means that we have a close relationship with many other farms that have forest. Therefore, we sometimes get the opportunity to select exactly the trees we want before the commercial forestry takes over.

Most of the wood we use comes mainly from our own or other Funen forests. But sometimes we also find different and exciting wood in limited quantities. This can be wood from old buildings, or wood that for various reasons is difficult to obtain.

In the autumn of 2017, we were incredibly lucky to find a large stock of Danish elm wood, which a farmer in southern Jutland had felled in connection with the elm disease 20 years ago. You can read more about our carpentry furniture and plank tables on the front.

traeet 01


As we cut down trees in our own and other Funen forests, it requires that we use our resources wisely. Fortunately, we in Denmark are in the situation where more trees are currently being planted than are being felled.

When we Kærbygård , we plant two new ones so that the next generations can also enjoy the forests.

When making high quality solid wood furniture, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of surplus wood. On the farm, the wood shavings and other remnants from the carpentry shop are enough to heat the showroom, workshop and warehouse all year round.

Good wood is good environment

When you cut down a tree and use it as furniture, it will act as a CO2 store for many years to come. It is therefore generally good for the environment, nature and future generations to choose furniture made of sustainable wood.


When a carpenter’s furniture is not just a piece of furniture. Generations will be able to enjoy your Kærbygård furniture.

Trees planted


Solid wood furniture is a matter of trust

Solid wood furniture places great demands on quality, and there are some basic conditions that must be in place to ensure that the furniture can last for generations. We have put together some great tips for maintaining your wood furniture below.

Kærbygård ‘s production of solid wood furniture:

  1. Wood, which is suitable for furniture, is selected in the forest – the rest goes to wood chips or firewood
  2. The wood is air dried properly with patience
  3. The wood is oven dried for indoor use
  4. The wood is acclimatized before processing begins
  5. The furniture is manufactured in heated rooms by professionals
  6. When the furniture is finished, store it in heated rooms
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Get the most out of your furniture

At Kærbygård , our family has been making quality products in many different forms since 1748. Today we have agriculture and carpentry. In the carpentry, we have chosen to handle all processes ourselves. We select the trees in the forests of Funen and saw them up to planks. Then the long drying process starts – first in the open air and then in the drying oven.

Hear more in the videos:


When the wood is ready, it is acclimatized in our workshop before the carpenters have the pleasure of working with it. In carpentry, we have many competencies to span as wide as possible. (Cabinetmaker, carpenter, carpenter, designer, carpenter)

When the furniture is finished, it is stored without exception in one of our heated barns before it comes home to the customer.



Popular solutions

Solid wood furniture is very popular today and a lot is made in different qualities. Therefore, it is important that you decide for yourself what to expect from the furniture and what it may cost. At Kærbygård , we strive to manufacture furniture in the best quality on the market, and therefore we are not the cheapest on the market.

We encourage everyone who is looking for a solid wood piece of furniture to visit the workshop where it is manufactured, to protect themselves against unpleasant surprises.

Would you like to see inspiring pictures and read more about our selection of carpentry furniture and plank tables , you can go to the front page here .


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