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A carpentry kitchen from  Kærbygård is for you who do not want to be limited by the standard solutions that conventional kitchen manufacturers offer. A joinery kitchen is the ultimate solution and of the highest quality

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Get inspired

Many kitchen manufacturers supply nice products, but there will usually always be certain restrictions regarding the selection – and the goals in which the products can be delivered.

These restrictions are not there when you get a carpentry kitchen from Kærbygård. Here, everything will be adapted and tailored to the exact space that will make up your upcoming kitchen. It gives a much greater freedom to take into account the style you want the kitchen built in, so it gives the right overall impression compared to the rest of you home.

The natural choice

Another great advantage of having a carpentry kitchen built is that it is possible to take your needs into account. No matter what your wishes are, there are no limitations in terms of standard dimensions, design and mounting options – almost anything is possible.

Some may need many cabinet solutions because there is a great need for storage space, while others appreciate a more open solution with plenty of table space to cheer on when the gastronomic skills need to be challenged in the kitchen.

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The heart of the house

We know that many consider the kitchen to be the most important space in the home – and we fully understand that. That is why we are happy to set aside extra time and help you through the many decisions that have to be made already in the idea phase. It is important to take into account all your wishes and dreams, so that together we have the right starting point for further work.


Take part in the process

That is why we want you to be involved in the whole process. We take you out to select the right wood, just as you are of course also involved if you have to choose stone, granite or other special things to be integrated in your kitchen. This ensures that both you – and we – are in control of the process at all times, which will ultimately result in the result you dreamed of right from the start.


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We welcome your dreams and wishes for a carpentry kitchen

At Kærbygård, we want you to feel joy every single day when you enter your kitchen – whether you are preparing dinner or enjoying a cup of tea and a cheese meal. That is why we like to go the extra mile and make the extra effort that is needed to ensure that the result is exactly as you have wished.

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