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Carpenter-made kitchens – an exclusive and unique solution

A carpenter-made kitchen is the ultimate solution when made of the highest quality. It is also perfect for you who don’t want the limitations of standard kitchen solutions offered by conventional manufacturers.

A carpenter-made kitchen will be customized and tailored to the space in which your kitchen will be designed. This provides more freedom to consider the style you want the kitchen to be built in and how to make it harmonize with the rest of your home.

No matter what wishes you have, you are not limited by standard dimensions, designs, or mounting options. Maybe you want a multiple cabinet solution because you need a lot of storage space. Or you are playing with the idea of an open kitchen with plenty of table space. Almost everything is possible.

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Join the process

We know many consider the kitchen as the heart of the home - we acknowledge and understand this. Therefore, we would gladly set time aside to guide you through the many decisions that need to be made in the idea phase. It is important to take all your wishes and dreams into consideration at project start, so we have a great starting point for the further work.

Therefore, we would like you to join the whole process. We will help you select the right wood, and you are also involved with selecting the stone, granite or other special materials to be integrated into your kitchen. This ensures complete control over the production process, which will ultimately result in the result that you dreamed of from the very beginning.

At Kærbygård, we want you to feel joy every day when you step into your kitchen, whether you are preparing dinner or enjoying a cup of tea. That is why we are willing to go the extra mile and provide the extra effort needed to create the desired result.

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